Have you ever found toys/Lego in random places?

What I mean by the title is that have you ever found Lego or toys in general in places like the sidewalk, school, the park, etc? Sometimes kids tend to leave things around and others pick them up. Have you found any toys like this? Here's an example story that happened to me, I once found a handless Kai ZX torso on my playground. Later on some kids found a armless Frakjaw and also gave it to me. Also around that time I found a McDonalds Leonardo toy, it had a katana swinging action. I sadly never got to bring it home though. All pretty nice finds, so what about you?


I found a 2x2 brick and a chair piece from a batch of grass like 5 years ago...


I found a CCBS leg part in a dirt parking lot a while back, how it got there is a mystery to me


I never found anything extraordinary, just random parts...


So years ago I finally found all my toa ignika. I put each them back together, all of them were complete except Hewkii, he was missing his sword.
About a year later I come back from a trip and I find the sword in one of the parking spots. I have yet to find out how it ended up there.


I once found a complete 2007 matoran(dekar) and some instructions in a trash container.


i found a 2007 voyager starscream in a bathroom

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That's funny! Today I found the instruction booklet to Dekar in my brothers room, although he never had Dekar, or at least when he did have him it was for a short amount of time... I would laugh if I found out that was his set.

Also, @thundermaster612, my friend's mum is a teacher, so he is in that school regularly, and he always finds mini figures and random pieces in the school.

I once found a 3 long black CCBS shell in a parking lot.


I found Zane rebooted in the elementary school parking lot

Found several pieces on sidewalks and such. But one of the more odd ones was a full kai minifig in my backyard (wasn't even mine). Oh yea, and a brick stuck in a steel door.

Yea, that's never coming out.


I found just random lego bricks at school, in the ground, standard stuff.

I found a LotR sword at a campsite once.

I love how the steel door seems to be creasing and chipping away from a plastic brick :stuck_out_tongue:

There's this chinese restaurant that I go to that has a Lego piggy bank on their counter


I found a 2001 riddler minifigure in a parking lot.
it was dirty and scratched, but nothing I couldn’t fix.
Too bad I was.like 5

Are you sure it was the riddler, as Lego Batman didn’t exist until 2006



I’m fairly sure.
Maybe it wasn’t 2001, then
It was definitely an early version, though.