Hero Factory Ultimate Hero Team Contest

I’m starting a contest. Why? Why not. Sooo, what the contest will be is you build the ultimate hero! Your Moc can include all system, ccbs, and constraction. The deadline will be October 10 but I won’t be too strict on the deadline. At the end of the deadline, I will chose 6 of the mocs to be a special ultimate hero team! Just so you know, there is NO PRIZE. this contest is just for fun! Where you will put the picture will be in THIS TOPIC. I would like at least 2 pictures of the moc. A front shot, and an action shot. (If you would like to put in more than that it is ok) So, start building, and I will see you soon!


Hang on, is this allowed?

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I think so, I mean, other people have made contests before.

Perhaps in many years pasts, but unless I’m mistaken, that’s not how the TTV MBs have worked in quite some time. This would be considered a community project and requires Trust Level 3: Regular (Master). If it was not the case, I would have been hosting several different MOC contests here over the years.

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I believe ajtazt is right, but for best results we should ask the @Mod_Squad.

I’m going to PM one of them now

I’ve already pinged them.

Oh, I won’t then
@Hawkflight are you sure it worked?

Instead of waiting on someone else to do it, we have a Rule Index topic that anyone can access.

Links to this nifty topic.

Which says…

As such, I’m closing this down.