How Do I Make Multi-Coloured Custom Parts In

First things first, I’m aware of the various marbling colourpacks, but that’s not what I’m looking to do.

I’ve noticed that some parts in, both Custom and Master, come with a precoloured section, such as the Hordika tools or Hero Factory 1.0 weapons:


These colours remain even in the PartDesigner tool:

My first guess was that the coloured section was perhaps just a large decal, but won’t put decals on curved or overly-detailed parts.

How can I save a file with colour such that it will still have colour when I import it into Is there a special file type than I am unaware of? I have currently figured out how to save my coloured part as a GLB file, but I can’t figure out how to convert it into a format that will accept while still maintaining the colour.


This might help.


Good shout Senit.
Yeah though, the best way is to seperate the part into multiple parts in a 3d modeling program like blender then turn them into connecting parts in parts designer.

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Yeah that helped.

The important parts were splitting the part into two objects, and saving them as LDraw parts from itself, rather than as .obj files in the Part Designer.

Here’s my simplified procedure, for anyone else who has the same question:

  1. Save your part as a 3d object
  2. Split the part into multiple objects as you would like the colours to be split. This can be done in Blender, though I used Solidworks
  3. Whatever part(s) you want to be coloured, import them into as normal, with PartDesigner
  4. Open the custom part in and colour it as desired
  5. Export the coloured part from as an LDraw part. The custom part can now be deleted, if desired.
  6. In PartDesigner, import the coloured LDraw part, as well as the uncoloured “base”
  7. Arrange the parts so that they line up, and export it all as a new custom part

With this procedure, the uncoloured “base” can still be coloured in, while whichever parts went through the LDraw procedure will remain their assigned colour.

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