How The Mod Squad Ruined My Life!

Oh right, sorry

You have slightly inconvenienced my existence but I am okay

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The joke is on you for I am the ultimate necroposter

I can see that, Winter.

The mods haven’t actually done anything that bad to me, if I’m being hone-hey what’s tha-

So the mod squad sent someone to my computer to type a message to try and make themselves look good! The monsters, they tried to replace me!

Spiderus answered my pm.

What? Maybe i didn’t want my message answered. Did he ever consider that? No, of course not. He only thought about himself.

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What? Did I do that kind of horrorable thing?

The Mod Squad ruined my life by completely butchering the spelling of horrible or horrific or whatever this word was supposed to be

Good grammar will not die unless I die with it

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They killed me

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Don’t play dumb you know you did it

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Well me and other 2 Mods didn’t used Lightsabers to killed you. Also how you stay typing this if you dead?

This ghost me typed this

I was happy as could be in a lovely little tree. Then @Spiderus_Prime came along and bit me. All that to climb an old oak, just to die where no one could see.

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Hey I not a venomous like a actually poisonous spider would.

They melted all my metal straws. Then buried all my vhs tapes under 3 tons of dirt.

they made me cry

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The Mod Squad murdered Santa Claus after he double-posted, so he doesn’t exist anymore…

This is the story I shall tell to anyone who believes in Santa…


HO-HO-HO wHaT?!?!!?

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Don’t ask, I just wanted to contribute…

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They bought me an unopened power pack and forced me to open it. :sob:

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