How users on the TTV message boards ruined my life!

So this game is basically you make up a ridiculous (Untrue) story of how users here ruined your life.

But no mods

and no staff

Got how it works?


I used to have a whole bunch of Gen 1 sets, but Cordax took them all and left me with just the Rockoh T3 and Mazeka.

@The_Blue_Panda took my G1 sets so I stole them back but then blamed me for stealing them even though he stole them first.

@Winger decided to wing it, and now I’m dead.

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Ever since I’ve joined this community, my immortality has been revealed, @Mesonak has abducted me twice, @Spiderus_Prime haunts me on a daily bases and I got the ghidvirus from prolonged exposure to @Ghid forcing me to call the ghidbusters

@Waj is personally responsible for every bad thing that’s happened in my life.

That time I fell as a toddler and scratched my knee. I blame Waj.

The day I spilled hot soup all over myself. I blame Waj.

In fact, I have it on good authority that Waj funded the totally real and not at all conspiratorial coup operation that removed Hoseryx from the election.

It’s all Waj. It always has been.



IMPORTANT EDIT: You cannot say how mods and staff ruined your life. There are other topics for that.


I am now here to report that @Cordax has ruined my life.

I feel betrayed. My honor has been stained.

This is



@Racie02 threw my gold kanohi ignika in the trash

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is this a direct jab at something in the rules it seems kindof familiar

its this topic but just not for the mod squad.

@Middlefingerstudios roped me into a DnD game and now I have no life.



I asked who wanted to be in it and you volunteered

its supposed to be like that

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oh oops lol

been a while


@Krelikan was distracting me on the first flight test and now I’m in jail for his death.

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@Cordax stole the traffic from “How Modsquad Ruined my Life” and “Retired Mod Bullying Club” that talked about me and now I can no longer feed my ego. >:(


Mmmm, we mods might be able to take a little ribbing, but let’s refrain from making jokes about other MB users, shall we? -Prentice1215