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In addition to what Gilahu said, I think the arms look kind of out of place. Generally, this MOC has a lot of additional pieces to give bulk and texture to various portions. The arms though, are just basic CCBS limbs with shells on them

Not a visual thing, but the waist gives me anxiety. From the looks of things, that T junction piece is holding a lot of weight, and in my experience, they break very easily. I would highly suggest reworks that to add in support


One (IN)FAMOUS issues I have for my pseudo-Vortixx vilain character: How can I use the Ultimate Dume mask to make a head with eyes ?
I saw it on a Roodaka moc, but haven’t figured out how it was used

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Are you referring to this one by @Darkraimaster99?


Not, but it seems to have a similar head. Fond my ref on deviantart.

EDIT: This one:

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this looks freaking awesome

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The Roodaka looks like it has a Hordika head with that mask. It’s pretty nice, though not how I expected it to look.

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there’s instructions for that head in this topic


Thank you for the referencing !
Thank you very much ! ^^


Since I finally revealed my Marendar moc I can post an instruction for transforming rocket boots/ iron man legs.

When Idea to make legs came to me I was utterly suprised I could not find any pictures on google which I could use as starting point.

So if you want your Moc to have transforming rocket legs, here is a version I made from G1 pieces.

Basic skeleton inside is just a long light grey axle that goes through two toa hands. Then using two pin axle connextors and triangle looking pieces which name escapes me at the moment one can attach rocket boosters below

There is a locking mechanism that uses a black lightsable bar and axle connectors. One can easily use blue/black axle pins instead and any piece that has a pin hole to work as a lock.


Nice work! That is an impressive MOC.



If memory serves the leg boosters took solid 4 moths to figure out and the lock mechanism took another 4 since I could not figure out how to do it without black axle pins.

Soulder canons were a couple of weeks I think. a month at most.

Head took a year.

Beast mode took only a month which is crazy fast when compared to other things that needed figuring out

I finished the desing in December and started on the day I heard of the canon contest so 2 years of building was not exaggerating


Darkrainmaster’s stuff is the bomb. They’ve always been one of my favorite mocists of all time, and have been a huge source of inspiration over the years. If you haven’t fully checked out their topics here or their youtube channel, I’d highly recommend you do. Still the gold standard in my mind of what a Toa build should be.


These hand design are some of the things I’ve been working on for a while. Please let me know if you use these. Note: I am using newer parts for them.

off of the hand topic. I need to upgrade my girlfriend’s self moc and the upper legs are what I’m having the most trouble with. Note: Her self moc is a Titan size MOC. I am taking suggestions.


Neat designs. I might make use of them. Thank you m8.


This is a custom torso design I made myself. It uses some pretty common parts, and the RoboRiders head on the back can be exchanged for pretty much anything you want if you don’t have it. This torso is also a bit more feminine than most, but it can be modified to be more “gender neutral” if you want. Also, some subassemblies have been left together to have fewer images.

This isn’t necessary, but it cuts down on the dark grey you can see from the front.

(flag’s there for support)

Cross block will sit on the axle that pokes through the upper socket joint, and the RoboRider head will slide on top of the cross block.

This is the correct way to orient the hips.
If you have any questions about it, I can answer them. If you end up using this torso on your MOCs, it would be great if you could give me credit, but you don’t really have to because it is kind of a simple design.
(And sorry if something’s wrong, this is my first post with images)


I’m not the most experienced MOC maker, but I’d say you’re a bit confused as to what you’re trying to make. Overall, the individual parts of the figure are really well-made (but yes, add a bit more armor around the waist), but when put together, they don’t really “mesh” with each other. For this, the head looks like a bug and it fits pretty nicely with the upper torso, but the legs and waist are more robotic. I think adding some wings and making the legs a bit thinner (and maybe adding another pair of limbs) would really sell the “bugginess” of it (and fold the neck down so it extends out the front of the body instead of the top), whereas removing the dark red furry looking pieces from the shoulders and changing the head would make it look more robotic or more like a Toa. I do think this thing has a lot of potential, though, so don’t scrap it!

[EDIT: Undeleted because I didn’t intend to delete this post in the first place, sorry about that.]


Not bad at all. There are some clever uses that you put into this that makes it different.


I already saw it on Metru or Vortixx builds