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Actually I would recommmend against using an L4 bar. Those tend to have quite some friction, making it very hard to put them into and getting them out of that ballsocket piece (but it is definitely possible).

Possibly you could substitute by using pinaxles, switching the connectors around and attaching the Bohrok eyes to them with L2 bars… But I admit I’m not sure if L2 bars don’t leave too much of a gap so that the Bohrok eyes still fit under the Nuva shoulder.

Other substitute might be an L3 bar (those don’t have the friction problems of L4 bars), and using two bar clips (Exo Force robot hands) to get to the Bohrok eyes. Those might then even leave enough space that you can add additional stuff onto the bars of the clip pieces.


Anyone have any good ideas for building arms like the ones in the image? Or pieces for the shoulder pads?

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weirdly enough, I just finished making some fallout armor. I can post some pictures of it if it helps at all


Yes please.


Hi, im trying to replicate this moc by TheUnderscoredDouble, and i have the wings done, the torso partly done and the legs mostly done.

If y’all veteran builders know how to possibly make the head connection and the back assembly while using old technic/G1 parts, i’d be happy.

I’d ask the guy himself but he doesn’t reply to any DMs in any Social media (flickr, reddit, instagram).

The parts giving me trouble are specifically the back/wings and head connections (which don’t appear in the photo all that well), the onua claws connection in the chest and the foot connection. I noticed im missing some pieces and imma bricklink them, but i’d love to get you guy’s inputs on how to finish it.

If this is the wrong thread, tell me


Also, some guy had a file of this moc, and he sent it to me. There are some differences, specially the use of some ccbs parts that i believe weren’t used in the original, but i can link it here if needed.

Edit 2:
I managed to do the head connection in a different way than in the pic, but i like it more. Just need to find a way to put a decorative gear on top


Could you post a few pictures of what you’ve got built so far, just to have additional reference?


@Wekua i have very little built, but sure give me a moment
@Wekua done


okay, so this barely answers the questions, but here’s the fallout t-60 I made. fits modded metru builds with no mask. its form over function unfortunately

the pilot (modify a metru build to make it, like so)

legs section (section one of two)

put the metru in the legs section

tuck the feet in the mata torsos
pull up the foot flaps and push the pins into the back of the bohrok feet on the pilot

pull up the lower leg flaps

push in the knees
first section complete
upper section

the unfolded upper section

the folded upper section

front of the upper section (shoulder pads fold down)

the side (arms are the hf parts and bohrok shield)

the upper leg covers are the rahkshi kraata holders, tubes are just for show)

fully expanded view of upper section

combining both parts+pinning arms to exo arms)

closing up the suit

closed and ready

all finished!
this is a very rough build, but it works!


Thank you.

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@MakutaOisli finished if you want to have a look

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reminds me of orion from dc

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anyone have a reasonably cheap design for both male and female civilians from hero factory?

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Who’d have thought that Maxilos’ mask looked so good as a fallout power armor helmet? It works really well.