HowTo: MOC Tutorials

I’ll see if I can put up Gavan’s build. It way take a little since my studio was destroyed.


No hurry.


Here’s a how-to on a small roller drone I made. Enjoy!

First, you will need these pieces. The treads are 7 lengths long, making it 14 needed in total.

First, build these two bits.

Next,connect them like so.

Now build these two things.

Then, connect them like so, and add the trans green slope to the peg to stud connector.

After that, attach the two components and build the base.

Then,connect the base and he head, and add the light grey ring with axle which could hold a multitude of tools.

Finally, roll the treads around the open balljoints and you have finished!


be looking for toa leg designs

find out how to make toilet paper, a block of cheese, a dandelion, and a partridge in a pear tree

wow this is pretty useful



I want to make a MOC similar to this;

And have a bit so far but am not happy with it. If anyone could suggest some ideas for limbs or legs I’d appreciate it. I will post my current progress so far tomorrow.


How big is it?

Make this dude but paint it and take of some limbs spoiler[/spoiler].


silently cries inside

@Ace here are what I have so far;


That mask, give it to me.


Sure, just give me a PO-box address, a recepient, help toward my aforementioned project, and twenty dollars :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s the bronze gold Kraahkan, came in one of the weird sets made during the Hordika Era. Not as good as the Cream Gold, but technically Cream Gold was a printing error, so…its good.

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Tempting, but I’ll pass. 20$ is just a tad bit more than I’d spend on a mask, and I actually prefer the flat gold over the pearl gold. The moc is looking great by the way.


Oh thanks. I still need legs (and I’m a bit tentative on the right arm), but i think it is coming along well. Body design was modified from some instructions I found online (The original was using illegal connections and methods, so I changed it and now its mine :P).

Any ideas for legs?


Not sure, I’ve never made a model that big with fully custom legs, I tend to stick with Toa builds.

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I’d do that if it wasn’t a joke, likely to get me stabbed in some way, and I had any idea on how to help.

Also, pretty interesting design so far, I can tell the finished project is going to look pretty awesome!

Thank you. I think I’ll post a prof and link it when I’m done.

Also I finally came up with a leg design, a bit small but serviceable.

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Ey, nice mate!

I plan to start working on a female MOC. Does anybody have a good design for hair?


If you are working with a G2 head, I would suggest attaching this to this piece and sloting it in through where the brainstalk normally is.


Ok. That might work. Thanks.

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anyone got any good sword designs? i’m looking for something that resembles a katana.