HowTo: MOC Tutorials

I mean, you could just use the pre-molded lego piece.

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I actually might.

I’ll try and get some more detailed pics up tomorrow, but my MOV of Frostbyte’s self moc has the one I’m talking of.

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okay, cool. thanks.

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remember samurai x mech blade? that could be used

Anyone have Ideas for a ccbs body that can have a rahkshi back attatched?

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Vahki6 uploaded the instructions for the Kratta-kal.

Also, I’d reccomend checking out Toa-Niretta’s stuff

  1. Take an HF 1.0 torso.
  2. Attach two Y-axels to the holes in the back of the shoulders, and run another long axel through their center holes for additional stability.
  3. Stick the older Rahkshi shoulder gear onto the two topmost available points of the Y-axels.
  4. Build the spinal column as you normally would.
  5. Slap a small CCBS bone (the version with the ball in the center and no pin holes) onto the ball joint of the completed Rahkshi spine, and use a double socket Metru shoulder/thigh to connect the middle ball to the other one the torso normally uses to attach heads on.
  6. Slip the outermost ball of the CCBS bone into whatever socket piece you’re sticking on the actual Rahkshi head.
  7. You’re done!

Granted, you’ll probably need to throw on some other miscellaneous parts here and there to actually make it look decent, but that should be enough to at least give you a head start.


does anyone have any good female Okotans designs?

Torso tutorial is already in this topic: HowTo: MOC Tutorials


thanks for the torso design.
but I was thinking of doing what @LoganMcOwen did with his MOC

I’ll still use your design @Gilahu in the future


Hey, it has been a while…but any chance we could get instructions for this guy?

Sadly I can’t, I eventually changed the moc quite a bit and as of now it’s in bits, I’m sorry

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basic torso tutorial:
First you need these:

then do this:
then you need these: then do this: then you have to have these pices:put the technek pices together like so: then combine: then you need this old foot pice and whatever that technek pice is: put them together: then atatch them to the previous structure

put it all together:
and attach some limbs:
Abtha abtha that’s all folks! EDIT: sorry for the sideways pictures



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Thank you

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Here’s a torso design that I just created for my self-MOC and intend to use to replace the Inika torsos I use in most of my other MOCs. It allows for some decent waist and shoulder articulation, but nothing special.




I’m currently limited to 3 images per post but if you guys would like more detailed instructions, let me know and I’ll see what I can do. Happy MOCing!

As far as I know, the design is completely original, so credit would be appreciated if used.


I’ll share a custom torso if I get some help on a Krahkan-esque custom head.

You mean a custom made Krahkan, or a custom head that can fit under a Krahkan? I can do the latter.

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I’d like to see the latter, too.

I can probably send you the instructions in a couple of hours, but right now I don’t have my parts bins with me. It will be sent sometime later today.