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Then you are of no use to my pew pew

Also, preferably something I can use those tiny claws as eyes on.

I still need to know whether you want a custom head that goes under a Krahkan piece with tiny claws for eyes, or a custom head that looks like the Krahkan with tiny claws for eyes.

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A custom head that looks like a Krahkan

Ok, I’ll see what I can do.

Also, @EmperorDuckie, what size are you thinking for it?

Oh, and finally, @LepidoliteMica, here’s the tutorial for the custom head to go under a Krahkan.

These are all the pieces you’ll need:

(A Krahkan, 2 Rahkshi brainstalks, a ball joint, a black axle, and a size 4 CCBS shell.)

  1. Put the axle in one of the brainstalks.

  2. Place the ball joint on top, and connect the other brainstalk.

  3. Attach the Krahkan in the axle hole of the upper brainstalk,

  4. Wedge the CCBS shell in the back.

And you’re done!
(If you do use this design, please credit me for it.)


About Toa-size. A bit smaller is ok though

if anybody needs a leg/arm design that is easily modded and easy to use, then let me know!
also, I have some really simple torso designs… and some complex ones. just let me know!

edit: meanwhile,here is a nice torso design I engineered! If you can figure it out, you make make some pretty awesome things… it’s able to be made taller as well…

So, like the last 2 pics… it can turn out to be pretty awesome! let me know if you want more pics, or a revised version with custom arms and legs as well. :grin:


Not so much a howto but these pieces fit together really well:


Really any torso armor piece will work like that.

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it is cool, though… good for mocs that use a lot of ccbs.

Hey. Is there anybody tha knows how to attack a G1 mask by a CCBS body?

How are you using them? Because that could be helpful information on how to connect them.

I just flip around a glatorian brain and use that.

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Well… I want to connect a Hau Nuva by a CCBS skeleton. That helps?

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Yeah, I know how:

You’ll need these parts:

  1. Connect the double ended socket to the CCBS skeleton.

  2. Assemble the Metru head.

  3. Connect them together.

And that’s it.

Also, here it is with a Hau Nuva attached, so you can see how it looks.


Yes, but it would look like the head is sticking out too much.

here ya go, @Toa_Vladin


I get what is not working at this design, but it is good enough for now.


yeah… it works better with this
there’s no head ball on the initial skeleton and it is better for custom torsos. I didn’t have any available for the pics, they were all in my mocs.


Modify the torso


like make a custom, or…

actually modify it? like a non-purist?