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i remember now i used it for my self moc


Hey! It’s the tutorial I used for Bio’s head!


Customize it with CCBS bones

oh, ok. that makes sense.

So… This is not really a request for a tutorial, but does anybody know how I could improve this moc?

I am trying to revamp some of my mocs, and the first one on my list is my Mutated Hero. I haven’t really changed him since I’ve posted it last year, and the feedbacks on its topic were positive, with no critiques that could help me whatsoever. Do you guys know a way to improve it?
Here is his topic:

It’s just generally kinda sloppy. Not sure of much in specific that could be improved

What do you mean by sloppy?

Just generally poorly put together. Stick to a main color scheme. Also, a good rule for mutated characters is that the mutations can’t add matter to a being, but only change the way it’s put together. Obviously this is just my idea, it’s not a legitimate rule for a character.


There are two big things that I think would make this MOC stand out a lot more:

1 - The Colorscheme and Color Blocking

While your range of colors isn’t too varied, there is quite a lot of colors on this MOC and it makes it look a little messy and hard to follow. For dark colors you have brown, gunmetal, grey, and black; for the brighter colors you have lime green, dark green, and translucent green. Try cutting back on some of these colors so that they are more cohesive; for example, maybe swap the grey bones out for black ones, and get rid of dark green or translucent green.
This is where color blocking also comes into play; you want to try and clearly separate which parts of the body are which; constantly switching back and forth between colors can mess with this idea and make all the limbs blend together.
A great example of this is Mitch Henry’s self-MOC Zeren; this is the original version:
This is the most recent iteration, on the other hand:
You can see how much cleaner the new version is; the old one has black showing through nearly every section, and it ends up cluttering the MOC. The new version, on the other hand, has excellent color-blocking and it makes the figure look phenomenal.

2 - Photography

The second biggest thing with MOCing in general is taking good pictures. The white background is an excellent start (some people can’t seem to understand that a messy bedroom doesn’t make a good background) but the picture is still rather dark. Try getting some desk lamps (2 should be good to start) to get plenty of light; if you want to go a step further put paper over them to disperse the light and limit the glare on the figure.

Hope this helps!


@EmperorDuckie and @ReeseEH
Thank you very much, guys! You really helped me! I see that it’s biggest problem is the color scheme. I’ll try to fix that. I’ll stick with black, lime green and brown (although I don’t think there are too much brown armor attachments).
Once again, thanks!


Somebody been skipping out on leg day.


The constraction neck guard, one of the least lego-y elements produced by lego, the hole inside doesn’t even fit most parts, but they do create a really nice segmented pattern.


I’ve never seen that piece before, what does it come on?

It’s the neck guard from 75337 Darth Maul, very strange and interesting element.


Thank you

It also appears in the Han Solo set in reddish brown.

So I am looking for a Mask (not necessary a Kanohi Mask, it can be from other themes too) that would fit for a titan build. It would be the best if the mask would be black, or black merging into trans-green. Any ideas?

Maybe Onua Mistika?

How big is it?

It’s not huge, but definitely bigger than your average mask.

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