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@Toa_Vladin Yeah that Onua one is probs one of the biggest masks in black. It actually looks pretty good if you flip it to make the top of the piece act as a face

@Likus The two staked at the top looks like a face, could probs make some eyes to fill the side holes

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just out of curiosity, are there any good leg designs out there that make ccbs shells look good on a custom leg? I always have trouble armoring my legs.

lower or upper is fine…

Hey guys,

On my CCBS version of Yahru, while I do like the look, I found something off with the knees. I could only get something like a 90 degree bend. What tips can you offer me to change the knees, or at least improve the range of motion?


With basic CCBS bones and shells, usually a 90 degree bend is the best you can hope for. If you wan to get more than that, I would recommend adding a third segment to the leg (a knee, basically) that would allow the thigh and lower leg to bend further.

[details=Here’s an example of this kind of knee.]What a shot..

I would also suggest that it might be a good idea to change the shin armor, since the texture clashes with the smoothness of CCBS.


Try putting one of those 3-stud bar pieces through the axle hole in the Mata hand to make that the kneecap.

That’s a nice lower leg design. I dig the calves!

Perhaps instead of using the standard bones you could try using some l shape Technic beams with a leg design built off of that, it would allow you to add more detail and it would allow you to get the ninety degree bend if you play your cards right.

Like this?

A simple trick you can do with g̶a̶l̶i̶d̶o̶r big fig arms.


Yeah although I’d recommend using the 1x5 inside of the 1x3

Behold the unbreakable bane wheel


The bane of any mocist’s existence.


bad puns

For this tutorial I will demonstrate how to add more realistic hands to your ccbs mocs.

So if you look at the ccbs hand, it’s a pretty poor representation. It’s got a gigantic socket visible at the wrist and the thumb is positioned at an unnatural distance from where it should be. There’s also a significant gap in the center of the hand for some reason. And no finger articulation. Terrible, terrible part.

Now I’d like to introduce all of you boys and girls to these snazzy mitts. Same size as the ccbs fists, more anatomically accurate, and with more connection points. They aren’t half bad. TLG made them exclusively for two big figs, the Cave Troll and Goblin King in 2012. They are fully compatible with technic due to the axle hole at the wrist. That’s right. You heard me. In 2012 TLG had these hand molds at their disposal and chose not to reuse them.

Due to the limited production run, the hands only come in tan and sand blue and are only attainable by buying the respective bigfig on bricklink for ~$25-35 +S/H. To add a ccbs arm simply build the following:


Is anyone interested in a running gearbox for matoran/small builds?


I am.


wow! now that looks very interesting, I like it!

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Okay then, here is the how-to!

And thats it! You can see it all armored up on my Hafu MOC

Give credit if you use this design


@Omega_Tahu, Thanks for making that mixel eye/mask tutorial. I’ll be sure to use it! I just joined so I apologize if I’m late on replying. Thanks again!

Not really a tutorial but i need some references i see a lot of big boobs mcgee on google images (i don’t like that)
also a link to female mocs