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It’s all good!

Tired of boring old mata heads? Constantly sobbing your eyes dry due to lack of eye color variety? Too many mixel eyes?

Well now there’s a solution for all your problems!

Metru and Mata styled heads

These designs can easily be modified to better fit some masks. Unfortunately, I can’t try them out on all masks, but on the ones I did try I saw that the custom heads fit better on pre-08 masks

You can get pretty much any eye color you want as long as it comes in a 1x1 or 1x2 round/normal tile

Mixel Eye variants

Thought I’d compare them to a design I shared here a long time ago

Bottom section is the same so you could easily switch between colored or mixel eye

This isn’t in the pictures, but a stud should be attached on the brick pin hole for the head to be compatible to 01 masks

The axle on the mask shouldn’t go all the way through, so the connection is a bit unreliable

What can I say? They look twice as good with mixel eyes :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:



hot dawg

Do any of you know how to take off post 08 sockets from a ball joint (i.e. Vahki hips) without friction so they will not break? I have Mazeka’s vehicle and want to use the vahki hips for a MOC, but am really scared about breaking the sockets, especially since I have no replacements on me right now. Two of them are already cracked.

Usually I just cross my fingers and go for it, to be honest. Even if they’re cracked, I have a lot of cracked joints that haven’t given out on me yet. Your luck will give out eventually, but it’ll probably work for the moment.


From my experience, 2008 sockets usually only break from either extreme force or being dropped onto hard surfaces. You should be fine just removing them as normal.

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I facepalmed when I realized I could do this. Would work better with a different rod tho.


Alright so early yesterday I held a poll to see if anyone would want to see a how to for my self moc, and the majority said yes, so here we go.

And there we go, you now have yourself an Artillery. Feel free to use the design but do give credit, and if i see any of you lurkers that post on the bioniclelego reddit use this design and don’t give credit, I will silently Judge you (seeing that I don’t actually have a reddit account)


Wow, lots of cool stuff here. I’m always impressed by how intricate you guys can get with these.

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Thanks for the instructions, I might make use of these.