Interdimensional Laws of Time

XXI: If the actions of any time-traveller result in the irretreivable loss of information, then they shall be put to death.

XXII: A Time Traveler must have some sort of timey-wimey gimmick. Otherwise, they’re not really a time traveler.


XXIII: A Time Traveler must not think about how they managed to time travel or they will realize their flawed logic and all time that has been traveled will reset.


XXIV: Scratch all the previous laws, do whatever

XXV: Ignore Law XXIV

XXVI: Ignore Law XXV

XXVII: If a law would result in another law ceasing to be functional or worthwhile, stick by the law that was made first.

XXVIII: Law XXVII should be interpreted as meaning to ignore XXIV.

XXIX: Law XXVII is exempt from its own clause, in order to stop paradoxes.

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XXX: This is not something wrong

All laws of Time must be considered and reviewed before being applied to time itself.

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XXXII: I want a pizza

XXXII: Under no circumstance are pizzas to be taken with a time traveler during the time-traveling


XXXIII: Drinks are here by prohibited during time travel and are prohibited in a twenty-foot radius to the time machine. Purified water is allowed within a ten foot radius.

XXXIV: Dachshund puppies may be left at any point in the time stream.

XXXV: Don’t time travel without me. I don’t want to be stuck here alone again.

XXXVI: If you find a loophole to repair the damage done to your favorite franchises, request permission before acting. An exception to this rule is allowed if it involves returning Tom Holland into the MCU.


XXXVII: Don’t forgot don’t killed someone/yourself that alter history.

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XXXVIII: normal grammar is now prohibited, you will now have used the preferable time travel grammar that will have had covered all bases in time travel.

XXXVIII: A time traveler must undergo the sacred ritual of eating raw tofu for every meal for 24 hours.

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