Interdimensional Laws of Time

XXXIX: That’s how you do it, right?
To prepare for time travel, say Za Warudo and strike a pose

XL: Rituals are hereby prohibited

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XLI: Eating one pound of tofu is required to get the license.

XLII: Pineapple on pizza is a suitable replacement for all previous tofu laws, if the traveler so prefers.

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XLIII: All previous rules are prohibited and disqualified until further notice. Go make a paradox or two.

This rule will be noted by a timestamp 09:09 when it will always be active, disregarding future rules.

Do not affiliate yourself with the Time Outlaw known as Jcton, or you will be punished.

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XLIV: Meepinater is hereby prohibited in making further time travel laws and is now considered an outlaw


XLV: Time Outlaws are banned from law-making. The definition of a Time Outlaw is up to interpretation.

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XLVI: ALL Rules made previously by a time outlaw, or is considered an outlaw, is hereby inactive and prohibited.

~~Law was written by Notjcton, who is not a time outlaw


XXLVII: Refer to Law XXII

XXLVIII: Hawaiian pizza is punishable by death unless used as a punishment

Gotta say, I’m really happy about this topic for two reasons:

A: It’s alive again.

B: It’s evolved to simply creating laws to make links to other laws and insult other people’s taste preferences.

XXLIX: Time Law XXLVIII is only bent against specifically Hawaiian pizza. Pizza may include ham or pineapple or both with at least a single additional topping, but never simply the two together.


XXLIX Part 2: But we will still silently judge you for putting pineapple on your pizza.

XXLIX Part 3: There will be a significant advantage to those who are experienced and well-versed in being judged than those who are too cool for that, therefore keeping the justice in society balanced, as all things should be.

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XL: Pineapple on pizza tastes bad.

Any pizza is good

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XLII: Rule XLI is a philosophical statement that has nothing to do with taste

XXLXIII: food is decided by preference

XLIV: Fine

Also we’ve been writing forty wrong

XLV: Dr. Bright, while being a doctor, is not The Doctor, and is to be kept away from all time travel equipment. Dr. Bright is to be brought on all time travel excursions, no exceptions.
-Dr. Bright.