Introduce Yourself!

I didn’t think it popped up for villagers.

yeah, and he can actually do stuff, like role dice.

@discobot roll 1d6

(though this is getting off topic, sorry)


:game_die: 3


Let’s not get this too off-topic.

Don’t want to scare away new members with our technical superiority and obviously massive IQ numbers.


I had no idea we have an AI.


I’m not new but I’m the only guy other than @MistikaManiac and @Toa_Radrix who actually likes the Mistika sets

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Welcome @Mexbot to our boards and we’ve sorry, that @Ghid let @discobot took over.

Isn’t that another account of yours lol

Which mod or staff member is secretly posting as you?

@MexBot welcome! I’m excited to hear more about the mmorpg!

Hi! To find out what I can do, say @discobot display help.


@discobot leave the message boards right now, or the admins will get you!

ttv civil war 2, discobot vs spiderus


Everyone do you don’t want to interact with it in the topics?

Sorry, I asked him to relay my message. Please don’t tag discobot in topics, only contact it in PMs. Thanks!

He was last active years ago

For a few days, without even writing or liking a reply.

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Actually a few minutes

I guess it is about time for me to re-introduce myself.

Hello everybody! My name is Oonie. I’ve been a part of the Bionicle and LEGO communities for quite some time now, and have always loved expressing myself through mixed media. I was an avid member of the TTV community for a few years before deciding to take a real break to focus on more important things. Since then I’ve mainly lurked and ghosted in for minor comments here and there. However, that important period in my life is reaching its end, so here I am, back to rediscover what it’s all about.

I run the YouTube channel OonieandCacola, which will also be producing new content soon. Some of my notable achievements include multiple Bionicle-Marvel parody videos, TTV tribute videos like the M/M2/VNOG with Meso highlight reels, and more recently Bionicle animations.

Around here on the boards, I used to do digital drawings, and participate in many community activities. I hope to start doing more of that now that I’ve returned. I also hope I can get to know members new and old as I have before.

It’s good to be back!


Welcome back my dude


Heck, American’s don’t make up the largest percentage of internet users globally, since the current nation with the most users of internet per person are Israeli’s. A lot of us American’s are on it but obviously not just us.

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