Iron Hawk's Flying Fortress

This is an older MOC I made several years ago. If you remember BZPower's Expanded Multiverse, this was a MOC of the Flying Fortress headquarters of the Iron Hawk faction. This was back before I realized how bad blue pins are, so interpret those as windows or something.

In the story, the Iron Hawk faction pieces together their aircraft from the cast-off machines of more technologically advanced nations. The Flying Fortress was intended to portray this, each section being assembled or scavenged individually and put together into this monstrosity.

The Main Hub. This is the only MOC I've ever created that incorporated a Toa Nuva canister lid. The brown/black canon is intended to be its own min-section.


Forward command section, featuring Brickarms missiles!

Hyrdoponics bay.

Hanger bay closed.

Hanger open with bomber for scale.

I kind of ran out of lore ideas, so this was something generic like an "auxiliary bay".

The Dragon's Head.

This drill may not pierce the heavens but I think it looks alright.

Hope you guys like it! There's a lot more lore behind this but it's mostly contingent on a knowledge of the EM so I won't bore you all with it :P.


i like the moc alot and for some reason it reminds me of transformer

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Thanks! If it where a Transformer it would probably be a combiner.

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i think I know what you're referring to...


Woah, this is really cool! I don't think I've ever seen someone build a ship out of only Bionicle/technic pieces.


Thanks! It was certainly a challenge, and you can probably tell that I incorporated a lot of vehicle pieces.

It's difficult to tell were it starts and end from a first point of view...
Overall the Fortress is interesting but clustered.

Who is Iron Hawk?

Iron Hawk is a faction on the War-themed planet of the EM setting. Their schtick is that they buy old air and space craft from other planets and retrofit them into ramshackle bombers.

Yes... I have this fortress bookmarked for the second season for one of my series. I will use the name "Iron Hawk" for a Kra-Matoran.


For Bionicle: The Return, S2.