"Iron Maiden": Bionicle art book inspired Skull Villain

When the Bionicle art book was released as a PDF for our viewing pleasure, I was discussing with @Darknova3529 about one particular character, and how it was pretty much entirely made of already existing pieces. So I decided to try to build it, and here’s the result! It’s fairly accurate, but in some portions I had to change it a bit in order to make the parts connect “legally”, or simply because I didn’t have the pieces :stuck_out_tongue:.

I had to do it

Older images (with more info about the MOC).

The name is inspired by an ancient torture device, full of spikes and blades, just like this MOC.

Now a picture of the back.

And without the chest plate (pretty skinny guy, isn’t it).

Here’s a closeup of the shooters. It was quite a challenge to build them in a similar way to the concept art, but I think I did an OK job in the end. The blades looked really awkward in the “correct” position, so I decided to rotate them by 90 degrees. The shooter works really well.

And here’s a picture of the original concept art, just for reference.

As I said in the title, better pictures are coming soon (at the moment I don’t have access to a good camera, unfortunately).

I know @Scarilian is working on the same model too, so I would like to have his opinion on the MOC.


0/10 was expecting a real grill…


Wow! Fantastic, this is the same one I was planning on building soon as well…

It might just be me, but I feel like the legs should be one longer, and have the new ‘wraparound’ shell, as opposed to a regular one…

I also get the feeling that the upper arms are bone pieces, and that the 2015 mata torso add-on pieces are done separately.

Great work! All you need now is a dismembered Pohatu :stuck_out_tongue:


:o it looks great.

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Didn’t it turn out that iron maidens aren’t as ancient or medieval as was thought?

Other than that, it looks nice, and a lot like the artbook version.


This is the most accurate representation so far, but the legs, I think they are also supossed to be the '15 addon


Yep, that’s pretty much it.

I think so too.


Really cool, probably one of the best interpretations of that concept art I’ve seen yet. Also, seeing a lot of the Iron, not so much of the Maiden.

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The tummy kinda seems like an iron maiden. It could, like, squash tiny opponents, right?

@Darknova3529 thanks!

@EvilLobsterKing well, isn’t a MOC better than a grill?

@Doremarpool thanks for the feedback! At first I had the MOC with the upper arms as bone pieces, however I couldn’t find a way to get the 2015 armor add on in the correct position as shoulder pads, so I just attached them as armor. The wrap around shells are far too big for the MOC. Here’s that shell compared to a size five one… yeah, pretty huge.

@Huichelaar first of all, thank you for the feedback!

Indeed it did. I didn’t mention it simply because I didn’t think it was an important detail in this instance.

@Asriel @PakariNation99 Thanks! I agree it should have the piston armor piece, however I only have one in black, and silver ones looked too “bright”.

@Brunamal @Huichelaar Honestly I gave it this name just because it sounded cool, don’t look too much into it :stuck_out_tongue:. Anyway, thanks for the feedback!


Very accurate; well done! Would’ve totally bought this before any other Skull Villain had it been released…


Thanks for the mention :stuck_out_tongue: My version was kind of caught up on the gun’s for quite a while and i’d need to order pieces - but i think you’ve got it perfected :3

Its effectively as close to the actual thing as i can imagine currently being possible without recolouring pieces. Though personally i viewed the orange piece in the middle as being a compressed trans-orange armour piece as it seemed more flatter to me. Though the Bohrok eye works well and helps emphasise the rib cage.

Yeah, hopefully they release varying sized versions because i feel that was probably what was going to be used on the upper legs. Though yeah, in terms of current parts, you’ve got it perfected in my view :stuck_out_tongue:

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This is a good representation of the unused Skull Villain, and it just looks nice.
The build itself isn’t too complicated, but that’s good.

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This is amazing. I love the rib-cage design. Instructions please?

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Nice representation of the art, the design is similar and looks very cool.
Personally, I like to call this guy “Cithwewak”, which is Skull Raider for “Rising Fire”.
I like it a lot.

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Insert Pohatu being sliced in half


But can you attach those 1,000 degree knives to it? :stuck_out_tongue:


@Rockho @Scarilian @Toa_Distraxx @ToaVakota @Xephix thanks!

@MaximusPrime I will post instructions for the MOC, then! Expect them by tomorrow evening when I destroy it .

@Leoxandar I think they would melt at that temperature, which is something I’m trying to avoid, as those pieces come from the very expensive EV3 set :stuck_out_tongue:.


That’s a really good recreation of the art! This easily could’ve been a set. However, the knee armor seems a little short. Perhaps it could be swapped out with the shredded armor that was on something like Kulta?


Interesting. Looking at the original model, it’s very clear they intended to use the new Star Wars parts, with the hip armor being the 90 degree coverage shells and the knees very clearly being the black 2015 addon.

Maybe if we had gotten this quality of set from the waves themselves, we could have gone to 2017.

Also, poor guy in the background of the concept art…got himself cut in half…

Which is what makes me wonder where we got the childish underdone reboot :stuck_out_tongue: