Island of Mystery: The Insanity Chapter

Chaos. That is all that happened from the moment the creatures brought here woke up, to the point the one who brought them had to intervene, to the point the strange obelisk appeared from the sky. They’d all but decimated the island already, and it hadn’t even been half a month…

Hepohepo stares at the island on his TV screen after reading the text above his name. “So why not give them another?” He says. “But I’ll wait a bit, see what happens.” He yawns, settling deeper into his chair.


Symphony and Antama continue training in the canyon, taking occasional breaks.

Lorens and Candidus rest from their training, their bodies need time to grow.

V.E. stares at Runa,
“You seem troubled.”

“Oh?” Runa asks. “It’s nothing. I’m just thinking about something.”

Coron walks farther southwards. “Well, now what.” He mutters, wondering what to do next.

V.E. sighs,
“I won’t pry.”
He decides not to push his trust and stays out of Runa’s mind, for now.

Lauren steps out of a cave and immediately closes her eyes. “Come on, Simon,” she grumbles, rubbing one temple. “Would it be too much to ask for you to do one thing right? Just the one?” She was going to punch the next Simon she saw. It didn’t even matter which one. Though if she was lucky, that Simon would have a power that connected him to all the other Simons, like a inter-dimensional voodoo doll…

“Okay, let’s not get too sadistic,” she mutters. One eye opens, squinting out into the outside world. Before long she had both eyes staring wide into the beyond, twitching at the strain.

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Anyways, time for more antics:

From the North a swarm of dangerous and powerful Rahi appeared. Arthaka Bulls, Blade Burrowers, Kane Ra, Tarakava, and various others. It would seem that Swordsman was busy because I need something to explain his inactivty

Meanwhile in the South a grand city stood, a large Hau shield projected around it and various defenses mounted on the walls around it. Nektann patrolled the area between the walls and shields, and Hagah Plasma Cannons and Drones watched from the walls. Inside the city was bustling with life, various species going about their lives in this new and considerably calmer world.

And Emperor is inside Symphony’s bunker.

OOC: I bet Emperor would’ve noticed Lorens and Candidus around the bunker / cavern.

IC: Lorens walks into the kitchen and prepares a meal. He offers it to Candidus. Over their training sessions he was getting used to the language Candidus spoke, eventually learning some of it. He can speak some of it, but it’s a bit broken.

@BrokenAxels “How much further?” Azure asks out of the blue not really expecting an answer

@Toa_Vladin Bernard moves to the more shadowy area of the cave.

Doraxus was waiting for Tarkur to come.

“Tarkur, we are staying this for a few hours already!”
Athena said.

Tarkur didn’t bother to respond he knew that they haven’t done anything in awhile but he hopes to get a signal or directive from @KAI_BORG’s characters so they can arrange the rescue mission.

She sighed.
“I am going outside to look for one of my Toa. You stay here.”
And she headed towards the exit.

Just then Vladin used his adaptive armor to fly to the beach where he woke up. After all, he decided to keep it. Not like anybody would care.

Lorens eats his prepared meal.

Symphony and Antama continue to train.

Echo tries to bring life back to the topic.


@BrokenAxels Azure walks besides him.

Athena saw Vladin in the distance.
A: “Hey! Furno!”
V: “Who?”
“We need your help?”
“When you say we, you refer at you and…”
“And Tarkur!”

Echo looks at Azure glad his attempt may have worked a little bit and smiles. “so, what’s the agenda, cheif?”

“We were heading towards the scrapyard, I believe.” She responds happily.

“ah, yes. We were weren’t we?” Echo thinks. “how fast do you want to get there?”

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Haven’t we been trying to get there now for like 100+ posts or something? shouldn’t We be there soon?"

Azure looks down into the ground, “We can take our time.” She answers, a smile appered on her face

“yeah we really should what even is the rp”/s

“alright.” Echo looks in the distance, the Scrapyard was in sight. Half an our away probably. Hour at most.

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