Johmak the Crystal of the Night

"Let me die, then, as long as I do it as a free being."

– Johmak, Reign of Shadows

Of all the known Order of Mata Nui agents, Johmak is by far my favorite because of the nature of her signature power – transforming into a cloud of crystals at will? That’s gorgeous.

So I present thee with my take on the great John McCormack.

I wanted to portray the crystal aspect of her character with Trans-Light Blue pieces. If that head looks familiar, it’s actually based on my Cyberpunk Lariska but more fit to this body I built.

This shield I built makes use of the giant shuriken on her back(which is also usable on its own) to combine into one weapon.

To attach that shield however:

An extra CCBS shell is included to replace either of the arms’, with one long connection flow, reaching all the way into the Pin hole on the CCBS limb.

Johmak is known to don “ebon colored armor”, so I opted for common neutral colors(Black, Dark Bluish Gray, Silver). My design for her is inspired by two Pokémon – the Mythical Zeraora, and a Shiny Ash-Greninja.

The design makes use of Zeraora’s silhouette with arms that cone outwards, and the long “hair” at the back of the head. Similarly, the highlights on Johmak also make use of Light Blue scattered around her.

My idea of Johmak pictures her as a nimble and… light combatant, very much like a ninja. One specific icon came to mind. I made use of Ash-Greninja’s giant shuriken, two-toed feet, overally color scheme, and leg silhouettes.

A few of Johmak’s pieces also happen to appear in Trans-Light Blue, allowing a customization to make her look supercharged(CCBS limbs, Bohrok Eyes, and the G2 Gears in her thighs).

Her body and armor type allows for versatile customization in both colors and accessories, depending on the builder’s tastes.

These customizations include patterns and textures for the avid painters, and in this case, enthusiasts. These render-only textures are brought to you by Unpixelled’s Color Pack.

Further customization may even crossover with other fandoms that house iconic color schemes, treading the gimmick of having themed “skins”. Be the theme inspired by fictional robots…

… old cartoons…

… or even specific anime characters.

Using the body frame, you can even go further with the customization, evoking more refined personas of iconic characters:

their specific variants:

their in-universe aesthetic and design language:

Or simply just giving some love to their franchise mascot.

Patch Notes

17th January 2023

  • Neck Technic joint piece changed from Black to Dark Bluish Gray

I don’t even know if there’s a Fanon Contest or something for her anytime soon, but I wanted to make her official out here anyway. I just really dig her character concept a lot :blue_heart:
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IO File, but if you do build it irl, pls tag me or send me pics <3

Cheers!! :beers:


the arms are maybe a little to long, but the light blue is a great accent color, i love the shield and the torso and legs are really good!


Hot dang this looks amazing! The head build has got to be my favorite part

Very nice/ 10 :sunglasses::+1:


Ah this moc looks amazing! Shaping is very nice and I quite like greebling and parts use. Trans-light blue works great with the black, and her head build is good too. Overall an awesome Johmak moc!

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I want this IRL. It would look even better with the Brain Attack visor from Stormer, to give her the look of an armor-plated helmet somewhat like the armor in Halo.

God same. Her size makes her just right for an office desk buddy and I dig that.

Tru. I think it even pairs well with her mouthpiece by my estimate, giving her some good eye shapes. :call_me_hand:


Necroposting with some Reskins!

I love my design for Johmak so much that I tried out different color schemes for her based on pop culture characters! :beers:

People who get the references get high fives for being cultured :pray:


I see Optimus Prime and the classic Gundam mech get spots in there.


Never commented on this
She looks pretty nice, the torso is great.


The Primordial designs are Palkia, Dialga, Giratina and Arceus
RX-78 is a Gundam I believe, Prime is Optimus Prime
Omni might be a Ben10 reference (Omnitrix?)
I guess Hero is that main character from that hero school anime?
The CL4-TP name made me think of a character called Claptrap, but idk if one has anything to do with the other.


Ooh the recolors look pretty cool!


Love the Treasure Planet Martin Short reference


Borderlands reference??


There’s a Claptrap in Transformers, I believe.


She is beautiful the way you interpreted her. Say if there is a Bionicle day coming and there is a contest of interpreting one of the “Order of Mata Nui” members, do you think this would be used for the contest to make this canon?


that green and purple one looks like the shadow crawler from Exo-Force