Kahi Nuva: Ace Attorney: Podcasts for All - An Interactive Adventure

(Credit goes to whoever I used images for in the future.)

It's a sequel to the last Kahi Nuva: Ace Attorney with a few changes this time around! Get ready for another adventure!

Nightmare in Turnabout (5-193, 208-786)
Rise of the Turnabout (811-1529)
The Viscous Turnabout (1557-???)

How to play:
All of you make up the mind of Kahi Nuva, an attorney in the land of the TTV Message Boards. As you solve the case, you all must work together with your heads and vote your next move as you examine witnesses and such. However, bad moves can lead to you loosing the case!

The game is largely democratic, meaning you all get to vote on an option.

  • Cross Examination: Everyone looks at the witness testimony to spot out contradictions and also press and present evidence. The majority vote for people who wanna do something wins.
    But be careful! Mess up on your cross examining and you may receive a penalty!
  • Investigation: When investigating, simply state what you want to look at or who you wanna talk to.
  • Pysche Locks: Present evidence to break the locks and get a witness to tell you the truth!

-Obey the Message Board guidelines.
-Please, be serious when voting. It's alright to make comments, but when voting don't give stupid answers.
-Don't get things off course! Penalties will be due!
Get ready for the first case, guys! (Please respond...)


Gotta love that new Logo! :smile:

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Maybe I can be on time to participate on this one!

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Nightmare in Turnabout

"IT IS 3:38. Would you like me to alter that fact?"

"It is now 4:38."



Venom: I find the defendant... GUILTY!

"Me, guilty? No... Not possible... I didn't do anything wrong! Please!"


You have met a terrible fate, haven't you?



Spitballing here, I'm guessing this is some kind of screwed up timeline were Mesonak was declared Bootleg.

Edit: Oh wow I just upped the brightness, it's LJ. However Jon was the real guilty one.


Febuary 3rd, 11:39 AM. District Courthouse.
Lobby #5.

Kahi: Gah that was a weird dream. I shouldn't have gotten here early. What times is it?


Kahi: Oh good. 10 minutes early. This should be easy!

???: It won't be so easy when I finally take care of YOU...

Kahi: What? Who said that?



Uh if its an option i'd say that was the other lawyer

HalfFooled by the old dream sequence trick, nice.

Somebody get the number on that fancy-dressed suspicious character with pink smoke.


that guy with the kakoyin curl though

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I agree with @Dr_Chronos, this is indeed a dream sequence!

Can't wait to do this! :smiley:

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Febuary 3rd, 11:45 AM. District Courthouse.
Lobby #5

???: Yo Kahi, are you okay?


Fine, just had a werid dream. My memory is still a bit fuzzy, what's going on?

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It's a yes or no question.

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No, he's dead. /s
Naw, Kahi all gud!

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I think we might get more pre-info if we answer no, but yes seems more in-character. Thoughts anyone?

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Kahi: Ugh... Who are you again? My head is killing me.

???: Kahi, what kind of game are you playing?

Kahi: It was a simple question, dude.

???: Name's Mesonak. You seriously don't remember me? Oh, does that mean you forgot your own name? Well, your name is Scrub, then! No... xxx_MLG_Skrub_Noscope_XxX!

Kahi: (How do I get this guy to shut up?)

(Remember, guys! We need to vote on a certain answer and pick it!)


Tell him you're fine, but need some alone-time to recover!

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"It's just a prank bro!"


Hit him over the head.

like i know i have to be serious here but seriously what would i have done