Kanae House [Set Moc] [some world building ideas]

This is the home of engineer Nobuk. I created a little backstory for her and the set.

So my idea for this set was that Nobuk was in her young life a traveler who explored the Island of Arthaka. One day when she was on the north side of the island she she cought a glimpse of Elisia. Inspired by the floating city she wanted to invent things to help her tribe. she decided to settle and build a house at the seaside of Kanae.

Her first invention was capturing rocks and chaining them to the ground so they could be used as supports for structures.

After that she invented flyable rocks. By tying sails to a floating rock she could use her elemental wind power to make it move in the direction she desired.

One day a strange rock with a waterfall slowly floated by. Having never seen a small rock with a waterfall she decided to capture the rock and chain it near her house. on closer inspection she noticed that the rock was filled with a mineral type only found in Naho. The mineral refered to as hydro-Stone atracted water from the air. Since the humidity was really high this must be creating the waterfall.

Floating rock can be filled with studs and release them, to similate a crumbeling rock and pooring water.

She build a water wheel and installed the rock above it.

The moc may not be a home run super amazing system build but I really like the idea of using rocks as a way of travel for the air tribe. Its Not something that you see often.


This is quite a fun little idea. I’m not sure how it would be integrated, but I really do like the idea of a seaside part of Kanae.

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Seaside Kanae does seem like an interesting idea and the concept of floating rocks is really cool, it reminds me of the sky-ships from the edge chronicles (It’s been ages since I’ve read those) where a ship contained a massive boulder and used it to fly and adjust buoyancy by heating or cooling the stone. Might be something worth exploring, personally I think Kanae is becoming one of the coolest regions to do concepts of and I love this one.

Edit: Did you use pov-ray to render your minifig prints? And if so where did you get the prints?

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Now, this is Bionicle!

One thing I don’t particularly like with some of Sokoda’s mocs (Such as Kurahk’s Snowmobile and Vorakh’s Devourer) is that they don’t look BIONIClE enough, rather something you could get from Ninjago.

This, on the other hand, is completely unique, something you couldn’t get in another line. I love the idea of the fly-able rock. It just makes so much sense!
And you finally explaining the nonsense that are waterfalls on floating islands is also amazing!

All and all, amazing for, man! Keep doing these sorts of Worldbuilding mocs! We need sets like Mangai’s lava farm, Tiro’s archives, a snow cave in Ihu, coral reefs of Naho, etc!


Man, this is really cool. What I’m wondering is, why is there a pink minifigure? Is that just to show someone holding the chains?

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I just copied the images in the official toa design topic and cut out the body. You need to stretch the height of the body out to 100 px though



I like the idea of a rock as a vehicle

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That rock idea is pretty great, it should totally be cannon

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