Kanohi Dragon Build Help!

I am looking for any help that I can get with the Kanohi Dragon. I have looked all over but have not really found much to help with the build. So far I have the front and back legs, tail, and head done. Not quite sure how to do the body, but have heard it is in three pieces (1. head, neck, and front legs 2. mid body 3. back legs, tail). If there is anyone that has tried to get it faithfully built, I would love to chat with you. Or if anyone has any ideas or input I would love to hear it.



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I’m trying to build it on studio. So far what I’ve got is exactly like yours. I’m trying to figure out the neck, all I know is that it uses a red rahkshi back that has to be connected to the “crown” or the Huna someway. The only references I have are your post and the picture at Bisector which has the highest resolution, though it is still too poor to see anything more.

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Wow I never noticed that shell before but now I see it there. I’ll see what I can try knowing that this weekend when I have more time to build. If you want to ever chat about it to try and get it figured out let me know. I would love to do some sort of collab, where you do it in studio and I build it IRL.

If the picture in the book has a higher resolution than the scan, then I guess we could ask someone with a physical version of the Rahi guide.

Yes the book has a much better picture. That is what I have been using to recreate what I have so far. I have had the book since 2007 and have been staring at its’ pages since. The Kanohi Dragon is now the last Rahi that I need to have all the contest entries.


Wow I can’t believe after all this time there are no actual instructions on this thing. I say just build the rest how you think it is probably be better than what it was originally anyway.

The Kanohi Dragon is one of the most complicated Rahi in the book so it seems that its instruction priority was not high. I could easily build a body for it, but I am trying to make it as accurate as possible for my collection. This is the last Rahi I need to build, so I want it right.

Hey I gotta respect that.

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Hi. This is my reverse engineering take on the Kanohi Dragon. It is obviously not accurate and there are things that may not be in place (specially the lower neck) but, as unclear as the picture is, this is the closer I could get to the original. You are free to make any corrections that you deem necesary so we can work on the instructions, do some cool renders and send it to Tammy’s BDSM and DuckBricks.

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That is incredible dude! Absolutely great work! This will be a huge help. Once I build this and make some modifications, I will post pictures so the model can be updated/ debated. I have never used Stud IO, so I can’t update it myself. Thank you so much for sharing this file.

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So I’ve got a first version started. It is not perfect and I did give it 2 articulation points in the body. I have not fully finished it and still need to test some other ways. I am not sure if it is suppose to have the joints in the body, but the way I have it now, it is actually pretty posable. I will do some more major work over the weekend and update again after that.

The model was a huge help, but there are some areas on it that aren’t sound and a piece in the foot that did not exist at the time. But overall it was a huge help and I just want to say thank you again.


Amazing, will you share instructions or breakdowns in a Flickr gallery or here in TTV?

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I absolutely will. I’ll get some good pictures of it once I finish it up and post them so you can update your model. It will be a couple weeks though since I have to order some parts and well finish it lol.

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Such an elusive MOC. Even all these years later, not a single person has been able to recreate it or produce exact instructions. Can’t believe the original creator never did that.


Well there has got to be some others out there who have done it. Like ToaVidal who has a very good model of it and me trying to build it too. After I get to a point where I think it is good enough, I’ll make instructions and maybe a cad model of it made by someone else.

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I also started to recreate it, with the help of TuragaNuva’s higher res scan, that’s on BS01 for some months now, but I haven’t gotten that far, I’m looking forward to see the breakdown pics when you feel like it’s done. It’s really impressive how far you’ve gone with it.


I’ve made some modifications to the model, it has become a mix of Toa Vidal’s render, TLROsborne’s screenshot of his render, and my own ideas, but I’m kinda happy with the result.
yes, it’s still missing some pieces, like the orange onua claws and some bohrok shields, but those don’t take away from the actual size of it


Hi, it’s me again. I uploaded an updated version of the Kanohi Dragon studio file. The main corrections are located in the middle torso, where I placed the missing Kraahkan and pushed it one pinhole backwards. I still have troubles with the front torso and the rear torso. I also added some optional hypothetical extra-kanohi.

EDIT: New version. I corrected the back of the head. It is still a mess, but I just realized the lewa katanas are supposed to be placed closer together and the angled liftarms aren’t connected to the bohrok head pieces the way I thought they were. I also added an hypotethical extra black mata torso to the hips, as I didn’t like the gap and it fills it pretty good.


That’s looking great actually, but I believe the hips with the liftarms would be around the mata torso, which would make them 2 unit wider.

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Interesting. Also, one extra mod to my model is that in his “crown” the piece that keeps together the gear, the Tohunga skull and the orange claws is a 4L pearl dark gray rigid hose and not a 3L axle.

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