Kei, Toa of Inconsistency

Heya, how’s it going y’all? I’ll get better lighting soon, just wait a couple more years.

I guess these things are called MOC’s, which is just about the most redundant thing ever since everyone presents it like “oh hey look at my MOC,” Which is bizarre since it stands for My Own Creation. Can we start a petition to just start calling these OC’s from now on? Thanks don’t @ me.

These are supposed to have bios right? Well, this is Kei, she’s a toa of fire and was formerly a matoran of ice. I’m not enough of a weeb to know if that’s even possible or makes any sense canonically, but here you go.

The big ol’ “H,” on her arm could be thought of as a weird mechanical tattoo of sorts, It probably has some important backstory behind it that I won’t ever get around to telling anyone and probably isn’t worth the build up. Unrelated but cat ears ammirite? :wink:

And also highly necessary prom night picture.

So, cya laaater…


but most MOCs aren’t OCs…


######Why you gotta be like that?

MOC, stands for “My Own Creation” the abbreviation helps it be less of a mouthful. Calling it an OC could confuse some people, since the first thing that comes to most people’s mind is “Original Character”

as for the MOC, it looks ok, a take on the mata build. but I feel like the arms deserve more articulation

I enjoy the Black and White color scheme though.

could we also have some photos of the front and back of Kei?


I actually knew all of that already and have for years, I was just trying to make a joke. As for articulation, I didn’t think elbow articulation was all too necessary for the size and poses I’d be putting them in. I also think this better preserves the mata’s aesthetics and quirks.

Sure thing, hope you like bedsheets. I did make one very slight change to the build since the original pictures, and changed out the headstock for the shorter variant.

I don’t know why you’d want another picture of the front, but here ya go.


Always a sucker for a good white-and-black MOC, and the simplicity works in this case. I’d suggest you fill in the hole in the crotch, and possibly use a more G1-type leg design (CCBS shells don’t fit with anything else on the MOC).

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Hey, a possible Mata. Looks pretty great.

100% necessary.


It’s WHITE. Either fire or ice are NOT females.
Looks completly like a toa mata but with CCBS feet and a 2015 kopaka mask. nothing special


It is called Toa of Inonsistency for a reason.

I know, but it’s still kinda weird 0_o

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Yeah, I have to agree with you, there really isn’t anything special about them. But I think that’s perfectly okay and almost relieving to an extent. This definitely isn’t one of my best MOC’s, or most original, but I think it’s a fun mata callback and I like them a lot. That’s why I made them. So you do you.

Also let’s not with element assigned genders, k? I’ve always thought that was the worst part of canon.


You are on a Bionicle website. Maybe the worst part of canon, but still canon.

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She has swords. 1000000000/10

Also just did what wombat combat productions did with his moc Mars. Make her a toa of lightning whose armor faded over time.
Since toa of lightning are female it should fix the cannonicity of this character

Who said she has to be canon?


Exactly, it’s headcanon.