King328's D&D demon princes progression (part one)

I drew the two main demon lords in dungeons and dragons, orcus and demogorgon, during school. As an experiment, I tried scanning the drawings after working on them on-and-off during a school period, thus showing how a sketch becomes a drawing. Materials: sketchbook, colored ballpoint pens, green highlighter, black and red markers, .07 mechanical pencil, eraser, and various micron pens.
Demogorgon (after working on it for a bit one night):

After english/ chemistry class (I forget):

After Chinese class:


After one math class when I really had much more important work to do:

After a study hall where I did not have good priorities:

Well, that’s generally sorta the process I go through when making sketches like these.
What do you guys think? Do you like the drawings? Do you not like them? Do you doodle frequently in class as well? Do you think I need to focus more? Tell me below! All comments, positive or negative, are appreciated!


I’d hate to have my wizard go up against these two.

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