Kopaka GWP MOC Contest Entry: Cordax and More(dax) from Book of Tears!

Greetings, all!

A while ago I started some short stores starring various members of the TTV Boards which involved silly and whimsical shenanigans, with the first entry being The Book of Ramblings. Here I’ve built some of the characters from the books (namely The Book of Tears) in the style of GWP Tahu, and will probably add more in the coming days, so stay tuned.

Also, if you haven’t read the books, be warned there may be some spoilers in the character descriptions. Make sure to like this topic if you want it to win!

All custom prints on the characters was done by me. Not all prints here are custom.



@Cordax, the knife-wielding little menace who always tries to see the best in others, and curiously always allied with actual monsters. Lock expert, former puddle of soup.

Stud.io Views


Cordax was literally the reason I made this topic, as the Takua design was begging to have a Cordax done at some point. His purple hoodie has become a staple of his character in the books, and the design for his head is slightly more complex than it looks. Slightly.



@Diero, the gun-wielding invincible skeleton cowboy with inexplicable powers and strict adherence to his master, Renner. Known for his comedic timing and really hating his extended family.

Stud.io Views

Diero was the last one I built, and undoubtedly the best of the bunch in my opinion. The face print gave me real grief, but I eventually made it work after trying a number of different designs. And yes, I know his guns are stupid.



@Ghid, archenemy of all that is good and right in the universe, or so he says. This also isn’t how he appears for the majority of the books, instead revolving around his second form.

Stud.io Views

As you can tell, GWP Tahu has no ankles, and that really hurt me here. Not so much the pose as the actual design, as needing to use plates in that fashion has murdered me inside. Making the head work was fun, although the body leaves a lot to be desired.



Now who’s this? He likes to smoke his lungs out, has a bitter and crabby disposition, and seems to think himself in control of things regardless of outcome. What’s he hiding?

Stud.io Views


Tott’s cap is technically slightly askew, but it’s hard to tell in the pictures. I wasn’t very satisfied with the way the prize Kopaka’s Akaku was done, but I couldn’t figure out a better solution without sacrificing the chin of the head. And yes, that is a cigarette; little man loves his lung cancer. :goo:

- UPDATE 1 -



@NOTaHFfan, the anodize airhead. Master of Diero and possible bounty hunter, looking to bring Ghid to justice once and for all. Before he was named in the Book of Dreams, I drove people crazy trying to guess which user he was.

Stud.io Views

Renner is a silly boy who keeps getting into wacky scenarios, like seeing his best friend viciously disemboweled by a polybag set or having all sense of self stripped away for the funny. Since he really is just tacked on the end here, I made him as close to the original Tahu as I could. Wish the helmet build was better.

- UPDATE 2 -



@Chronicler, emissary of fate, devour of dubious objects. Traveled alongside the protagonist of the Book of Logic, writing down everything that occurred - even the tiniest thought. Definitely not creepy.

Stud.io Views

Chronicler is the, well, chronicler of The Book of Logic, carefully copying down everything that occurs, eventually sacrificing his purpose to rise above the fate he had written. Really it’s just Tahu’s torso but tipped sideways with a bunch of funny limbs slapped all over, I dunno what else you expected for this one

- UPDATE 3 -

Good Guy


@GoodGuy2006, spawn of some kind or another, master chef and hot climate enthusiast. Loves mucky basements abandoned to fungal growths. Doesn’t look much like this in the story, but this is what people would expect to see.

Stud.io Views


Lego Set 6934 Good Guy was perhaps the easiest one out of the whole bunch to build, because it’s just Takua with different colors and a new face. It’s the first time I swapped the hands, however; needed to add that slightest of tilts to the blade in the render.

- UPDATE 4 -



If you don’t know, I recommend you research this one.

Stud.io Views


“Know thy self, know thy enemy. A thousand battles, a thousand victories.”
― Sun Tzu, The Art of War

- UPDATE 5 -

Trustworthy Visage


What a friendly face!

Stud.io Views


This one isn’t in the style of GWP Tahu, but more of a GWP in general - How would LEGO make a GWP of Ghid’s charming maw? Obviously based off of Ghid’s appearance in the Book of Dreams. If this topic wins the contest I’ll be providing instructions for how to build your own, although it is fairly simple.

- UPDATE 6 -

Organism of Vileness


@Vile_Cephalopod, emissary of unknown evil and shooter of all the things. the only entity existing who can claim to love guns more than Diero. Not entirely to scale.

Stud.io Views


The unnamed assailant and professional goon of the Book of Dreams. I’ve always liked his appearance in that book, and I had plans to bring him back in the sequel, but the user didn’t return. :pensive: Make your memories while you can, I suppose.

- UPDATE 7 -



@Monopoly, bad dude with a big noggin and an ever bigger penchant for brutal murder. Master chef and interior decorator. Disrespector of stupid hats.

Stud.io Views

Monopoly’s build was a difficult one to get right, and the head is immensely dissatisfying to me, but every other option ended up way too small. Obviously this isn’t the first render to feature a piece in a color it doesn’t come in, but Monopoly’s is the only one that doesn’t do it to compensate for Stud.io, as the actual color (dark bluish grey) can only be seen in the program screencaps.

- UPDATE 8 -

Ghids of a feather

Cordax has done me the honor of being represented in Kopaka GWP MOC Contest Entry: i’m feeling ghiddy, which is yet another depiction of an alleged sighting of me in the wild. Is it true? Are there more than one Ghid? And will they beat you to death?
the last one is yes btw
Make sure to give his entry a fave, and let him know what you think!

- UPDATE 9 -

Final Renders

Now it’s time for some renders of characters paired together which clearly fit the best together, along with some quotes from the various books. If you haven’t read the books and are worried about spoilers, I’d suggest skipping the dialogue and just looking at the pretty imagery (I’ve also posted just the renders in a reply to this topic).

“‘The One to Trust,’ The Chronicler extended one of his own hands to meet the pair You lifted in doubt. ‘Is whoever you perceive him to be.’”
― The Chronicler, The Book of Logic

“‘He knocked my hat off!’ Diero hissed, pointing an accusing forefinger at Cordax, who pretended to bite at it.
‘I’m so sorry I don’t care put it back on let’s go.’ Renner grumbled."
― Diero and Renner, The Book of Dreams

“With his right heel he furiously stomped on Cordax, giving him no time to cry out in pain, or for mercy, or for anything. He continued crushing every visible point on his body until there was nothing but a sparking, sputtering mess of electronics and fluids.”
― Monopoly, The Book of Dreams

“Are you upset? My condolences. But in truth, I’m keeping my condolences all to myself.”
― Tott, The Book of Dreams

There are no more updates. :frowning:
But, this means the topic is complete! :smirk:

C&C Appreciated.
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yoooo (yoooo)

these all look great, the GWP takua was practically begging to be turned into cordax

Diero’s definitely my favorite; the face print looks amazing and the torso flows very nicely

oh also now we know what tott looks like muahahahahah


I cannot confirm or deny allegations that Tott looks like this


nooo i accidentally plagiarized ghid :anguished: :sob: :cry:


If you read any of my stories backwards with your eyes closed you’ll find that I plagiarize Ghid almost constantly

I think they all turned out great, I know your inner critic isn’t satisfied with the Ghid bod but I think you did a pretty good job. Although GWP Cordax is poised to be a show stealer :anguished:



We all know Tott is a cat.

I like how this Tott has no toes.

Diero’s thighs look very unstable.


nice builds

wait why didn’t you put a 1x2 on the inside of Diero’s thighs?


visual inconsistency; I wanted to plate Diero’s legs all the way up but there’s no room closer to the hip, so I elected to leave it open, like Ghid’s are. There’s also a mistake in the heel of Diero’s render where one of the plates pulled a father ghid and left to get the milk; in the screencaps from stud.io itself you can see the 1x2s in their proper place.


What prints aren’t custom? I see the decorated 1x1 plates in Ghid’s face, but are there any others?


No, that’s all; the mouth is an existing sticker.

Oh, and all pieces used exist in their respective colors, sans the glass (in order to make it appear properly transparent when on the white of the Forums, I had to make it chrome and let the lighting do the rest) and Cordax’s knife (it’s some silver color, but only because the grey it comes in was rendering strange). The viewport screencaps show the knife in its proper colors, and the cup is absent.


It was fun building karzahni but after looking at this I kinda wish I’d done something more creative.

Looking forward to doing my selfmoc.


So is “Cordax amd More(dax)” like a title, or is that his full name? Amd is a neat name.


Oh my the are simply amaz- wait no stay away from that laptop nonono stop no put it down I will not let you break it again

This is beautiful. I’ve been staring at it for five hours now.

The GWP matoran design is pretty much perfect for a Cordax indeed. And the head build for him is quite clever.

You said that all pieces used in these models exist in these colours, right? Didn’t know those curved arm pieces came in purple.

That’s a practically perfect rendition of Rukah. Easily my favourite build from this bunch.

This one’s my second favourite though. I enjoy how much it deviates from the GWP Tahu build, while still clearly using the same system as a base.

Those lower legs are quite clever. I like how they switch from the two stud width of the boot to the one stud width of the lower leg. It’s simple, yet effective.
Not sure how I feel about that face print though. It doesn’t really strike me as bad to the bone.

Also, Lego, why don’t you produce practically any of the mixel joint pieces in black!? It would have made life so much easier.

While the brick built face is really nice, I can’t say that I am a fan of everything else here.
I know you can’t really do anything about the limbs because of the restrictions the GWP design, but that torso… that torso offends me on a personal level with how T shaped it is. Just adding two big slopes to the sides will improve it dramatically (look you even have connection points there smh smh)

I actually like how that Akaku is done. I think all those new pieces are used very cleverly to achieve the shape.

Uhmmmm what are the three ingot pieces in grey on the chest support to represent?

Also, since this is a Bo_ related post, I am obliged to do a literary analysis of the text provided in it:

Zero out of ten, would never read again.

Theory: a secret message is coded into the word “possibly”. Let’s try to decipher it:

S- definitely
Y- part two coming soon


you’re clearly seeing things, um, I definitely didn’t edit it… Read it again.


Unless stud.io is lying to me, they do.

It also means the sockets had to be flipped studs-backwards. It’s not the first time I’ve done something like that in a build.

we all wish they did, sir. :pensive:



I know I’ve said tott’s coat isn’t like monopoly’s but I blanked on how to make it coat-like without adding some level of puff to it

Any you’d like to see added?


One quick bricklink search later I can confirm that stud.io isn’t lying

Not all problems can be solved with a permanent marker and this is definitively not one of them, I’m not this insane

Mopoly to accompany Codax,
Yuo because you already have a build for him and it would be interesting to see how you adapt it to fit the GWP style,
Chronicler to accompany Yuo,
and also that airhead guy, but I don’t know what’s the deal with him. Maybe he would look nice next to Diero or something idk

How would I know about such a place? It’s so low to the ground that I’m unable to see it


Do you have a contact for voter fraud, Ghid? I ask for purely academic reasons.



speaking of