Kopaka's Toa Weapon [Art] [3D Model] [Pitch]

Upon Matoro’s death, the king’s blade was past to his heir Izotor. When Izotor was transformed into Toa Kopaka, the sword changed with him.

The sword is designed with aspects of Kopaka’s original ice blade but altered to also resemble the Nexo Knight sword which I utilized for king Matoro. I chose to color it black because I wanted it to contrast Kopaka’s white (or aqua) and to tie in his earth blue.

An alternate color scheme that would probably work better with the canon Kopaka design.

Update: SolidWorks model Images
I am hoping to 3D print this this semester.


C&C welcome.


I like the design, but I thought Kopaka had a spear in G3?


He does, how about he has an ornamental “King’s Weapon” and than the actual weapon he uses in battle?


I really like your design!

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Thank you. I didn’t think Toa weapon designs were final yet. If that is the case, this could be his year 2 weapon.

Thank you.

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This weapon could be Kopaka’s choice once he goes to the Civil War against the Mangaians, as a tribute to Matoro, bowing to not drop the weapon until he decisively defeats Tahu.

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This is a great concept, and a great design.

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While I like the art and concept, I do think that the weapon’s colors would primarily clash with Kopaka’s color scheme and not contribute to a cohesive look for the character. Additionally, the Nexo Knights sword is currently reserved for Tahu’s weapon.

That being said, it’s a stellar concept, and I really do like how it looks, it just doesn’t fit the character I think you want it to.


I think Kopaka’s current design needs the yellow to be switched to a light blue, because yellow is a warm color and doesn’t convey ice. This problem doesn’t really seem too big a deal until you try to make a set that shows him using ice.

This is a problem I have brought up in the cannon Toa designs topic.

I didn’t know this, that is unfortunate. I was going to design a new sword for Tahu as I didn’t think the Toa weapons were finalized.

Thank you for your compliments and time to look at my pitch, I guess we just seem to have two very different ideas of what we want Kopaka to be.

I saw your pitch image, I didn’t like it. We wanted to give the Toa tertiary highlight colors that stood out, that’s why Tahu has blue and Kopaka has yellow. We’re very happy with those designs and we’re probably not going to change them.

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To each his own.

The tertiary colors do stand out and look fantastic but they don’t convey fire for Tahu and ice for Kopaka. This is supposed to be you guys trying to be in Lego’s shoes making a theme, I believe already established elemental colors would be one of the constraints they would have to face.

That is fine they look amazing, I just want a little explanation how we can convey yellow=ice in sets.

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I don’t think that’s the point in having the third color. It is meant as an accent color, so its goal is not to share the same representation as the main two colors. The white and blue are for the ice, while the yellow is just there to counter that. Picking another icy color wouldn’t give that same result.


I think the problem lies more with the placement of the color as it looks like it is the energy coming from him, which for someone empowered by the elemental power of ice, should not be yellow.

If we theoretically translated this color scheme to a constraction figure, it would probably resemble Takanuva more than Kopaka.

Ihu Castle (WIP) with the color schemes.

I just can’t buy into the idea of yellow being the color of Kopaka’s energy. If we could come up with a clever way to explain it I would probably feel a lot better about it.


I see it as tribal markings like on his mask, instead of energy from within like a heart light. The difference from the mask markings is that it is the Nuva symbol, which should pop compared to the rest of the pallet, due to its importance. This would outweigh its need to represent the elemental color and thus blend in more.

Also, if they want an accent color, the spot they picked is the only one that would work as an accent and not be seen as a key part of his color scheme.


It’s not.

It’s a highlight color coming from his interior lighting. His eyes are the same color because that’s the biomechanical inner lighting. His energy will not be yellow. I’m not sure where this idea came from.

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Wouldn’t his inner light turn the color of the elemental energy when he became Kopaka?

If his energy isn’t yellow shouldn’t he still have its color somewhere in his color scheme? (in this scenario I think all the other Toa designs get a pass :+1: )

And admittedly, I was in the mind set that elemental energy=interior lighting.

I mean there doesn’t need to be a reason for why yellow is in his color scheme.

Yah, we might be overthinking this.

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He does? Ice is white, Kopaka is white.