Krika - Fallen Paladin (V2) (Gilahu's BP Makuta revamps)

Name: Krika
Kanohi: Crast, Great Mask of Repulsion
Assigned region: Phaidua, (Zakaz), (Inoatra), (Kargana)
Status: Dead

Size comparisons:

Lariska only because last time I also took a picture with Lariska.
… It’s not intentional that they look like they’re holding hands… anyone ever shipped Lariska and Krika?

And some pictures showing poseability. Unfortunately somewhat blurry, but you get the idea. 90° for the knees, very free hip articulation, and the pauldrons still allow a decent raising of the arms.

And some close-ups of the head, which I do think turned out rather well, even if it’s somewhat fragile. At this point special thanks to @Atobe_Brick for suggesting the use of the Visorak foot. That’s really what it was lacking and can’t say I would have thought of it myself eventually.

So, here is my updated Krika revamp. Something I think was more than necessary by now when comparing it to the last version from 2017:

Only drawback is that the revamp of revamps will not increase my Makuta count :stuck_out_tongue:

Suppose there’s nothing much else to say. So enjoy and feel free to give C&C.


The head kinda gives me Cthulhu vibes with the way it’s built. It looks like he has a small tentacle beard. That might just be me, though. I think it’s mostly the way the claw pieces are positioned. Whether or not that’s intentional, it looks really good!

The cape is a great touch also.


Dude your barclip construction in the head is blowing my mind, very well done


Ah, this looks like a really good Krika moc! The armor is very nice looking, almost regal. Scythe is neat as well, but the real star of the build is that head! The use of the small clips and other greebly bits is excellent.


oh wow
he looks great!


I think the tentacles are actually supposed to be insect mandibles, meant to give Krika an slightly insectoid look even in his original form.

I could be mistaken though. The mouthparts can be interpreted either way.


It certainly draws from the design of the mutated mask:


But I see it as a kind of “huna-style” “beard”.

The triangle part here is where I see the “mouth” section of the mask.


man your so good at making custom heads


Well, long beard is associated with wisdom, and Krika is wisest of known G1 Makuta. It could also be seen as a reference to the vampire Dracula, who is depicted in the original book as having a long mustache. So Krika having a “beard” as part of his mask could be seen as showing both his noble personal character and his affiliation with evil forces of darkness and corruption.



All a matter of practice and having enough different parts in different colours to choose from. (And now and then some external suggestions that make one consider other design avenues.) :stuck_out_tongue:


I honestly find it very hard to decide which part of this moc is my favorite, so I’ll just say that I like all of it.

Very nice/10