Kulta, the Skull Samurai

Hey, guys! I haven't posted here before, but I think I must share this "Skull one" wich was built when Okoto was attaked by Kulta's dark legion in 2015.

In this album you can find more fotos with some funny Photoshop effects like on the latest one.

I hope you all like it, because... because all like samurai and skeletons, isn't it?)


This guy is really cool. The colours work, and the samurai style you have done has turned out really well
Great moc new guy


This is really nice. I like the shaping you've got around the skirt/waist armour. Is the right shoulder armour an ignika or an olmak? Cant really see from the camera angle. Good job anyhow :+1:

Dang, this looks great!

That mask+samurai helmet is just plain amazing, and the whole build seems very cohesive.

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This is so amazing I'm not sure how to word this.

I like the textures, I guess?

Very good looking, not much i can spot out being bad.


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Bludgeon is that you? /s Jokes besides that looks good and pretty evil looking.

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forget the pirate idea for Kulta, this should have been what he was like in G2.

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Holy crap, thats amazing!

Looks freakin awesome. Absolutly love this and the photo style. I look forward to your future MOCs!

The feet look a little odd, but I overall like the concept of Kulta being a samurai, and the execution of the design isn't too shabby.

Thank you, folks!)

@Boxxer Yes, it's Olmak

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This is really awesome.

You know... it's a great build and everything... but I personally feel like the Samurai style/design is overdone. My subjective opinion ruins the MOC for me, isn't that great.
Great job on this guy. :+1:

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Very impressive, the color gives a "steampunk" vibe and the shaping is tolerable.

Woah, looks very cool and welcome!

Gonna be honest, other than the mask this looks nothing like Kulta to me.
Anyway despite that it looks absolutely amazing! The samurai vibe is really good and I also love the way you photographed it How did you make that energy ball? It looks great.

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Energy ball is probably photo editing skills.

The moc is pretty cool though, but I would like to have it perfectly symmetrical, since it's super close to it right now.

Bunny ears...