Lariska, the wise, wonderful, and agile Dark Hunter.

Hello everyone!
I’ve finally completed my Lariska.
I hope everyone likes this.

Lariska is a stealthy and dangerous Dark Hunters and one of the Shadowed One’s most trusted operatives.
(Quote from Biosector01)

You can see whole shape of her.

I made her not look as teal vortixx as much as possible.
also decided not to use slizer head or hand parts.

and she has daggers all over her body.

If exclude system brick parts from Lego, there are not many types of turquoise parts. In those restrictions,I thought about what I could do to make good shape body.
yeah turquoise banana parts rib

i think it can highlight her slender body type.

and- yes, it really took me a long time to make this head.

not too big, and without vahki head and Slizer head.
It was incredibly difficult to make attractive head

Well… I gave up making her head, that can wear kanohi.

With my ability, it was impossible


Yeah, I’ve tried.

but I gave up because it looks so ugly.

I wanted to use Hordika arm’s gear structure to make her left arm feel mechanical.

as you can see, there is rhotuka launcher.
yeah, she’s never used rhotuka
but, she is 2005 character, in 2005 everyone used rhotuka
I thought, if she had come out as actually set product, she would have rhotuka launcher.
so I add rhotuka launcher on her left arm.

Her right arm is flexible enough compared to her left arm.

Yes, it’s another digitigrade legs Lariska.

I think everyone thinks digitigrade legs look agile.

and I attach spike in her leg, as a weapon. then Just a knee kick could be a deadly attack.

Her hair, it can be tilted up and down, or it can be turned.
I think ponytail is good thing that gives her dynamic, when she moves.

put a small blade on the tip of her hair. It might be used as a weapon in case of emergency.

Greg said she’s about the size of toa.

So I tried to make her toa size
Thank you, Greg-nui. she didn’t become twist naked Shadow-Matoran.


First lesson, Rahi bones. Don’t turn your back on an enemy untilyou’re sure she’s stopped breathing. And don’t turn your back on a Dark Hunter until her body has rotted in the sun and her armor’s been scattered to the winds.”

You can see her left arm intact

Thank you!


This is a very good Lariska moc, I especially like the shaping of the head!

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You have my vote in the contest!


This looks fantastic; definitely one of my favorite Lariska mocs!


That head is fantastic! Speaking of which, do you picture her mouth opening like either of these methods or do you see her as another being without a mouth?


I normally don’t like hair on Bionicle MOCs, but I simply cannot deny how dynamic it makes her poses!

You also get 1 million bonus points for not using a Throwbot head. This is the best Lariska head design I’ve ever seen, and now I will accept nothing less.

Please enter this into the contest when it comes. It has my undeniable vote.


This might be my favourite Lariska moc so far. The head is a little bit too Bayformers-like for my taste, but even with that, the rest of her looks great, very close to what I imagined she would look like. Great job! If this gets enterned, you will definitely get my vote.


I’ve always had the thought that Kanohi could be molded to different shapes to fit different species of users. What I would like to see is a line of masks that fit a different head type, kind of like how the Mistika Makuta turned out. So don’t give up, this is a really cool model.


Wow, this is just… gorgeous. This is definitely one of my favourite Lariskas I’ve seen. The head design in particular is great.


This quote also applies here:


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Wow! Great Job!

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My vote is now decided!

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very so cool moc !!


I’m in love with the Rhotuka arm. Totally fits with the years theme, feels like it could be one of those store exclusive sets- like Umbra!


I don’t make it thinking it has mouth.
if have a mout, it’s probably similar to B.


I like how you drew her


Darn, the head is similar to what I had so far.

Everything about this Moc is so well thought out, the subtle inverted legs, the good sized daggers, bAnAnas, I think you’ll do well in the contest dude.


OMG, Another fantastic Lariska has came! :scream_cat: :heart_eyes: :revolving_hearts: :revolving_hearts:
I am now wondering which of the best two should be my first vote: a luxury concern.




BTW really nice

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I meant


Something like ugly Matoran in Spiriah Combiner model

Someone asked if it was Lariska.

Greg firmly said “oh,no”

If he said “Sure”, it would have been Lariska.

So I was thankful to Greg.