Lehvak Revamp

Yet another older MOC I’m putting up here for completion’s sake. Lehvak was built for The 2012 Bio-Cup’s entry round. The task was to create a gritty reboot of an existing Bionicle character.

And so, this version of Lehvak is bigger and meaner than the original. Liberal use of black abound, and the shields are able to vent corrosive goo!

This thing was inspired by the Bohrok-Kal illustrations by Vrahno, who a lot of you may know as the artist behind Toa Nikila’s canon appearance and the animator for Struggle in the Drifts, as well as loads of other stuff! His art and videos are definitely worth checking out!


Somewhat birdlike look to it. This looks great but can it roll up into a ball?

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Sadly not, though the head can at least retract fully.

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This is really well built. I especially like the use of the lime green Corroder parts and the lime green accents in general look great.

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Now that’s a bohrok!


It looks half bird half insect. It does look good though.

This looks awesome
I like how you recreated the shields, though the use of the hero cores is a bit questionable

His butt is a hero of its own.


That matoran is a goner. I really like this guy the colours, build and textures are really well done and a huge step up from the original clunky bohrok

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