Lets build Bionicle 2017 wave 1 and 2

hello fellow bionicle fans! today i have an idea. as the brilliant community got together to finalize the jto makuta model and the mask of ultimate power. lets design our own 2017 wave 1 and 2. this will be a HUGE collaboration. one that will take a lot of dedication and team work. however we want these sets to be something that the bionicle community would be drawn to and would purchase themselves. thats why i cant do this on my own. i also need to collaborate with people on the story line. box art would be cool too. just for fun.

so to start with ideas. keep in mind that the 2017 storyline would probably derive from the 2003 story line. that means Rahkshi type models! as all the g2 waves were split in wave 1 having 13 sets and wave 2 having five. lets stick to that plan with some minor adjustments. we will need new smaller villains like the skull spiders and the shadow traps. we will need new 10$ sets like the protectors and creatures. we will need new versions of the toa and a new smaller villain like loss and umarak. for wave two my thought was to add 2 more sets then normal. those being the jto makuta and…one more rahkshi like being. so finally the toa have six specific unique characters to fight. i am trying to collaborate with some one on shapeways to make new masks for all of these characters. other than that lets keep these sets to using only parts that are being made today.

so what are your thoughts? since this is in basically preproduction i want to see your ideas for what the toa,rahkshi,10$ sets,small villains and big villain are! go see what you can make and post it here. i will be posting some of my prototypes soon…


Welp, I have been working on g1 versions of toa in ccbs, using Thier original masks and this comes along, wow timing is great

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awesome! would love to hear more! i am actually working on concepts for the rahkshi, builds for the toa and sketches for their new masks as we speak :slight_smile:


this is technically a non-master doung a Community MOC project, which is against the rules.

However, since the community needs more sort of events like this, i’ll back this thing for the heck of it, to keep it afloat for ya.

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and…why is it somehow against the rules to build something with fellow fans… ?

it counts as a Community MOC project, which were limited to being Master-only, because of the massive influx of Community MOC contests.

due to the fact there was a Influx of Moc Projects
they had to place a rule where Masters can only create Community Projects

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Kapura’d, mate XD

but that’s why i’m saying that i’ll back this, so it’ll stay afloat.

ah! ok makes sense. well if enough people want this to happen maybe a master can pick it up :slight_smile:

@Sammythekat oh gosh! i didnt even notice YOU were a master! sorry man…wow i feel dumb.

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I like the general concept though I feel that the you should do a original type of villain not rakshi.

oh gosh i forgot to say! LOL! i didnt mean blatantly make ccbs rahkshi. but yes something LIKE the rahkshi. with a different name and some unique attributes :slight_smile: sorry about that.

  1. No, I wouldn’t buy seperate instructions for mocs of a fandom bionicle g2 3rd year. Maybe if they were really cheap, but then what would be the point of selling them?
  2. Like you said, basing it off of them. But I think that making conpletely original villians would be better
  3. Do you know how many people would get triggered by this? G1 is very convoluted. I’d aviod connecting them.

i thought this discussion was closed?

Looks like this story line has got an attitude.


So like rahkshi inspired build?

Topic got closed for three minutes. Really @Chronicler!?!?! Really!?!



He wrote “defiantly”, “not definitely”.

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didnt the chronicler delete this topic. we should probably just for get it.