Lifesize Bionicle Masks (BLACK FRIDAY SALE!)

Hello! I make and sell lifesize Kanohi masks on etsy.
They’re made from EVA foam, so they’re very light but sturdy and durable.
I’m hoping to get all 6 classic Kanohi up on my store in time for the holidays (I’ve got every one of them but the Akaku).
Check out my Black Friday Sale!
(and yes, I do commissions)


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~~Vladin, Toa of Fire

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This look pretty sweet. Whenua’s looks a little off, but the other two, especially Pohatu’s are great.

Make a Miru, paint it gold, and offer to sell it to @Eljay
The Ruru looks a little off, maybe a little less rounded and circular than it should be, but the Huna and Kakama(?) look perfect.

These look great. The Huna especially. Though more pictures would be nice.

Wasn’t it always tangible though

These look rather good, I must say. What are they made of? I’d hazard a guess based on the Hau, but I could be staring at a completely different material, and rather than look like a fool…

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UPDATE: The Hau is now available!


That looks really good.

They’re made from EVA foam mats, from patterns I make from scratch based on the classic masks

Do you take requests for mask designs?

I’m actually trying to figure out a system for commissions, which one are you interested in?

Update: Avohkii is now available!


The Mask of Ultimate Power.

It’s my favorite design.

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This may just be me speaking but I would love to see a great komau. If you are of course taking requests.

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I actually have added a commission option on my Etsy page, it should be in the listings below the main group. That mask looks especially doable in EVA foam now that I’m looking at it again.


Great Pakari now available!

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Haven’t posted in a while, but here’s the news:
I’m doing a Black Friday 20% off everything sale, from today until Monday, 12/2!
Since I last posted I’ve added the Miru and Kaukau to the store as well!


Can you wear these as they come?