Machine Wars - Escape from Cybertron

Forager’s wheels screech as the Predacon drives in reverse, shooting his pistol at Wingspan while firing his laser at Pounce.

Wingspan would dodge the blasts, while Pounce would throw himself into the abyss before catching onto the fence of the level inferior of the one Forager was at.
Forager would also soon realise that the level he is on isn’t actually all that big, not to mention that it is shaped like a circle, meaning that in a short amount of time, he would return to the rogue Decepticons.

“Oh, ya gotta be frakkin’ kiddin’ me!” Forager laments as he jumps behind a stasis pod and deploys his visor over his face.

He would see that Long Haul, the bulky guy of the team, was protecting Slugslinger and Cindersaur from the fires of Ravage, Birdbrain and Icepick, that Rippersnapper was trying to treat his wounded shoulder behind them all, and he would also be able to see a familiar face caught in the pod that he hided behind of: Beetle.

His optic looked into the corner of his eye, watching Demolishor as he was about to smash his fists at him but…

…Voltex dashes out of the way, invading both attacks, as now Demolisher would most likely pound Scaleraker into dust.

If Scaleraker could move fast enough, he would dodge the swinging fists, if not, the fists would pound into scaleraker, which, while not crushing him, would cause him great pain.

“Sorry little man…” Demolishor apologised to Scaleraker before turning back to Voltex.

Beetle? Forager thinks. How’d he get here?

Forager looks for an opening to attack his foes.

Forager blocked himself into a small point, from which there was only one way in and one way out. Wingspan would widely open his claws as he swooped towards the Predacon, trying to catch him.

Forager ducks down and tries to charge out from under Wingspan, hoping to duck out of the reach of his talons.

He swung his sword at Demolishor’s abdomen.

He would be successful, however as soon as he would walk out of the spot the floor would crack open as Pounce would dig his way back on Forager’s level, trying to catch him in the same time.

The cut would be successful, however Demolishor’s armour was way to thick for it to do any serious damage.
The titan continued swinging his fists at Voltex.

Voltex used the mace sword to block his fists before the tail would come from his back and swirled around before aiming it at his chest in an attempt to impale him.

Because of gravity, the sword would not be able to sustain all the momentum that the fists would have.

But the tail would still be aimed at his chest, no matter if the supposed gravity would knock Voltex’s defences down.

This change should have interrupted the tail from going all the way in, partly because then it would simply smash into his fists, but in the slim situation in which it doesn’t in best case scenario the sword slightly implants itself into Demolishor’s chest, however missing his spark or any vital Energon vessel.
Angered, Demolishor catches Voltex by his tail, his grip being rock-solid, and tries to raise it up and swing his whole body into a wall.

The tail would have not been interrupted because it went for his chest, so it was right in the middle, in between his fists so to speak, either way the sharp blade would cause the damage that it would cause, missing the spark, very unfortunate.

“Scrap…” Voltex said as he didn’t feel his feet on the ground any more but when he was swung towards the wall, he used his acrobatic skill and landed with his feet, smashing the wall.

He would grab his tail as he ran towards Demolishor, he ducks down and thrusts his feet towards Demolishor’s shin while pulling on that tail, letting the gravity do all the work from the momentum he gained.

Demolishor’s grip was way too powerful, and so when Voltex would hit his shins to get more momentum, he would block in a… so to speak weird looking way.
From above, Weirdwolf points his sword to his face.
“Where did ya even come from? You suddenly ally with the maniac and his ghost?”

Voltex sighed as he fired a beam towards Demolishor’s face from the tail blade.

Demolishor narrowly dodges the shot by moving the tail’s top to a different direction.
“Surrender!” Demolsior yelled.
“What?” Weirdwolf asked, confused of Demolishor’s wish to not fight.
“There are 50/50 chances for him to be a Predacon, therefore one of us! I am not going to fight a fellow Decepticon!”