Machine Wars - Escape from Cybertron

OOC: Scaleraker didn’t fire. He doesn’t have guns. he was simply trying get in close range before Nitro could shoot.

IC: “Where the Slag is the Oracle!” He screamed over the comm.

OOC: Nitro isn’t shooting. Scavenger is. Nitro retreated to let Scavenger shoot Scaleraker down and do his job.

“We’re figure that out!” Manta Ray yelled. “Now take Scylla and everybody that you’ve found and come back to me NOW!”
Scavenger continued his fire.

“Where the scrap are you!” He called, tumbling away from the spray of ammunition, weaving his way towards the seacons.

Slyther dodged the hit and punched at Straxus with both hands.

“We’ve found some tunnels under that crumbled warehouse. It turns out that it leads to some sort of a Decepticon prison. Everybody else is inside and they are torturing Backstop!”

Straxus is hit in the chin and stumbles back, leaving the ones inside espoused.
“Oh, slag that!” Nova Storm yells as he lets go of Backstop’s legs and prepares in case Slyther is going to approach them.
Scorponok took the USB from Scalpel and hid it in a small compartiment on the side of his left leg. The little medic was forcing all of the eviscerated components of Backstop’s brain back into his skull as fast as he could.

Slyther hissed and transformed into snake mode, slithering quickly towards Nova Storm.

“Alright, I’ll round who I can, and head there, I’ve been to that prison” He says, as he tried to close the distance to the Seacons.

“Yeah! Come on here slagger! Show me what you got!” Nova Storm yelled as he also charged at Slyther.

From above, five Seekers were thrown out of Shockwave’s room, as he himself and Soundblaster got out of it. He looked around, seeing some of his loyalists that just so happened to stay outside fighting renegade Seekers.
“We have been betrayed, Shockwave, this is a mutiny!” Soundblaster told him with his cold voice.
“It definitely appears so.”
Sixshot jumped to them from the back levels.
“There was one of the prisoners, the Seeker guy, who just… disappeared!”
“Check the upper levels. See if those buffoons found our combiners. We need them now.” Shockwave told Sixshot, who nodded, turned into wolf mode, and started running across the levels higher and higher to find the others.

“Wait, you’ve been inside to? How? You went the opposite direction!”
OOC: I don’t know if it’s intentional, but remember: there are two prisons.

Slyther tried to go underneath Nova’s legs.

He would be successful, but Nova Storm would quickly turn and shoot at him.

Slyther squirmed out of the way, although one of the shots grazed his side. He hissed in pain, but continued on to Scorponok, trying to rip off his left leg.

“There’s two! We and the Vehicons blasted open one, not sure where the other is! Which one are you at?”

Scorponok was on the other side of the table. He let go of Backstop’s arm and jumped to the side, turning himself to scorpion mode.

“The one under the damaged warehouse, the one where we fought the Vehicons the last time, of course!” she yelled, getting tired.

“Get back here!” Slyther snapped, going around the table.

Scorponok tried to catch Slyther with one of his giant scorpion claws.

“Gotcha, I’ll head to the warehouse and meet you there!”

“Just go ahead and do that faster!” she yelled, before closing off the comms and turning to Molley. “Listen to me. I want you to drill around this prison till we find a pair of big iron doors. Clear?”

Scaleraker attempted to reach the Seacons.

Nitro Zeus would block his way.
The Seacons, Weirdwolf and Snapper were also getting beaten up by Swift.

“Well, this has been fun, but I really need to head out. You mind letting me past my good man?” he asked, looking up at the Vehicon.