Machine Wars - Escape from Cybertron

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“Help Me!” Scaleraker cried, as he disappeared beneath the Vehicons. Occasionally a leg or claw would appear from the pile as Scaleraker fought back. The he went still.

Scylla ran away.

“I guess she’s not helping” Scaleraker thought, as he curled into a ball in beast mode, and waited for the onslaught to stop. Hoping against hope his scales would hold out.

The Vehicons continued attacking, trying to brake through the melted scales.

“Cover us!” Backstop told Slyther as he and Beetle started pushing Transwarp towards the warehouse.

His scales were beginning to crack under the onslaught, but they were holding.

The Vehicons continued.

Transwarp groaned as he started to wake up.

Scaleraker decided that help would not be coming, ad he sighed. He transformed quickly, spinning with his claws out as he did so.

He would feel Backstop and Beetle pushing him inside the facility. While he was out Terrormander lost himself of the rest of the Seacon and approached them. He was shooting the charging Vehicons mostly to protect himself than the others.
Hopefully Slyther was helping too.
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The drones were pushed back.

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Scaleraker curled back into a ball, dug his claws into the ground, and launched himself forward, rolling.

Two of them would get hit.

Scaleraker would try to continue rolling until he got away from the fight.

A group of Scrapmetal drones would give chase.
Scaleraker would also see Scylla running away of the battle, not too far away.

Scaleraker dug his claws into the ground to bring himself to a stop. He jumped up, slashed at the drones, and he ran after Scylla.

The drones chasing him got hurt, but continued giving chase. Scylla saw Scaleraker following her and ran faster.

Scaleraker turned again and tried to dispatch the drones.

The scrapmetal drones would be too many and too fast for him.

Scalraker realized he was outmatched in his damaged state, and ran after Scylla as fast as he could, try to keep track of at least one friendly.

She would enter a skyscraper.