Machine Wars - Escape from Cybertron

He would follow, looking over his shoulder to make sure the drones aren’t following them.

Three of tgem would quickly catch up with him.

He would stop at the doorway of the skyscraper and turn to face the drones.

The closest one would charge at him.

Scaleraker held up his claws to block.

“Lady Scylla! I could use your help!” He called, hoping she could hear him.

There was no response. The drone attempted to hit Scaleraker in the head.

Scaleraker ducked, and jabed his claws at the drone’s belly.

The drone would pull back just in time. The other two attacked from the sides.

Due to the confined nature of the doorway, Scaleraker was able to block the strikes easily, which he follows up with a clawed fist.

OOC: I think that at this point they are fully inside the building.
IC: One drone is hit and stumbles back.

OOC: okay.

IC: Scaleraker follows up with a clawed jab to the belly.

The drone is fast enough to dash to the side, but still got hit in the side of the abdomen.

Gatecrasher tries to grab the drone, and bring it into a crushing embrace.

He would be stopped by the other two.

Scaleraker turned and slashed at the other two drones.

One is hit and falls. Ones dodges and lunges at him.

Gatecrasher dodges, but it hit’s his wounded side, and he yells in pain. He turns and tries to drive a claw into the drone’s back.

He hits, and the drone falls down.

He buries his claws further in the drone to make sure it’s dead, then pulls them out to attend to the other two.

The drone falls dead. The other two charge in.