Machine Wars - Escape from Cybertron

Scaleraker grabbed the doors, and forced his way in.

“Oh no, you don’t”

She pointed one machine gun right at his forehead.
“Think again.”

“No need to get violent. Plus, you fire that off in here it’ll bounce off and hit you.”

“Even Sea Phantom understands physics better than you!”
She pushed him out of the elevator and pressed a bunch of random buttons.

Scaleraker waited until he thought the elevator had lowered enough, then pried open the door. He looked into the shaft to see which way the elevator a had gone.

It was going up.

Gatecrasher dug his claws into the wall, then swinging claw over claw, he ascended.

The elevator was much faster than him.

He followed the elevator up the shaft, hoping it wouldn’t come back down on him.

After a while, the elevator stopped.

He tried to climb faster to get to the elevator.

He would have no way to get to the floor Scylla was at, as the elevator was stopping him.

He looked to see if there was a hatch on the bottom of the elevator.

There wasn’t.

“I guess I’ll have to make my own then.”

He dug his claws into the metal and began to peel it away.

He could easily do it.

He peeled back the metal and tore off the piece he had pulled back. He reached out and grabbed hold of the edge of the newly created opening. He pulled himself up, wincing from the wound in his side.

The elevator would be empty.

He stood up, and pressed the open door button, when the doors opened, he stepped out.

He would end in an empty hallway.