Machine Wars - Escape from Cybertron

Scaleraker stopped to take in his surroundings.

The building seemed abandoned. There was a big door opened not too far away.

He had a thought. He ran a claw down the wall, making a loud screech.

Nothing happened.

Sighing, he walks down the hall. “Lady Scylla, I know your in there.” He says.

No response, tho he could hear some weak noises coming from the open door. There was a golden plate on the door, writing “Director”.

Scaleraker entered the room slowly. “Lady Scylla?”

He would find an extremely fancy room, filled with the most expensive stuffs. It was likely that Scaleraker never saw such expensive goods.
The wall in front of the door was made entirely out of windows. The skyscraper was not the that tall, but Scaleraker was at a high big enough to barely hear the fight under his feet via an opened door.

“Woah, these are some swanky digs. Lady Scylla?”

If he would take a closer look, he would see yet another door, with a golden plate with “Panic” written on it.

“Hrm… odd choice for a plaque” He knocked on the door.

“Go away!” Scylla yelled from inside after a few moments of silence.

Instead of pushing her, he decided to wait outside the door. He had been somewhat hard on her.

This would have no effects.

he knocked on the door again.

“I slagging told you to go away!”

“Not until you tell me what the problem is!”

The door opened slightly.
“The problem is that I want to live!”
She then entered back inside and closed the door behind her.

“Well so do I! and our chances of living are much greater together!”

“Yeah, sure.”