Machine Wars - Escape from Cybertron

Scaleraker sighed, leaned against the wall next to the door, and crossed his arms.

“Listen, I know your scared, I am too, but that doesn’t mean we can just shut down. There are people out there that need us, both of us.”

“Just shut the slag off! You have no idea about what you are talking!”

“Maybe, but that doesn’t mean I’m going to leave you here to get killed by drones! Or worse.”

“This is a panic room! Nobody will find me here! It’s the place from which we stole out technology for our underground base! I’ll be just fine.”

“If you think that those drones don’t know how to operate an elevator, your kidding yourself.”

“What part of “It’s the place from which we stole our technology for our underground base” you don’t understand?”

“So? The drones broke into your base, they’ll break into here.”

“They won’t! Who will ever think that a random squid girl is in a random panic room in a random skyscraper? I am just waiting for Halfshell to come and find me, and then I’ll be fine.”

“How do you know Lord Halfshell is coming for you?” He asked, “what if he thinks your dead? What then?”

“He won’t.”

“Fine then. We’ll wait here for him then.” He then sits down cross legged.

He could hear a sigh, and somebody sitting down.

Scaleraker sat with his eyes closed.

Outside the batyle ranged on. More and more drones were approaching the facility in which Backstop, Beetle, Terrormander, Techwarp and Slyther entered in (@BlackBeltGamer98 @meepinater). Halfshell, Coelagon and Sea Phantom were trying their best to retreat, but found themselves in the middle of the battle. A swarm drone took aim at Forager, ready to fire (@Chromeharpoon).
Scylla was standing silent.
OOC: @Traykar where is Direwolf?

“Uh… I surrender?” Forager says to the swarm, raising his hands in the air.

Scaleraker was silent as well, giving Scylla time to get herself together.

The swarm drone looked confused at another one. It was clear that they understood him, but they did not know if they should take him prisoner.

Slyther glanced out a window.
“We musssst go. Quickly.”

Beetle pointed to one of the mole drone tunnels nearby.

Slyther nodded.
“Go, I’ll hold them off.”