Makuta Erdorn aka 'Enforcer'

Enforcer is a Makuta who would much rather spend his time fighting than making Rahi, so it was only natural that he would come in to confrontation with the toa eventually. He served as the ally and bodyguard of Makuta Marzek, as the two conducted their light-draining experiments on creatures of the Matoran universe.
Enforcer was killed by the same team of toa that defeated Marzek, during their raid on his laboratory.


Perhaps a bit too simple, not that it is wrong or anything. Also the arm are very short…too short. Otherwise a very decent MOC.

Seems rather stick-like.

The MOC is … nice enough, I guess. Nothing here that I would call bad but also nothing I would call especially nice. But he captures the Makuta look well enough. I think he is the first one to have a tail, though … no, wait, Jsasax had one, too.

The backstory is ok. Again nothing particularly special but it’s enough so that I can work with it. And most of all it doesn’t contradict with anything canon.

Yeah, well, there’s not much else to say. It’s no totally special MOC but also most definitely not a bad one.

Thanks for participating again!


Wait, I forgot to ask what his mask power is?

Oh, I completely forgot that. How about the mask of endurance? Briefly increases the user’s strength and stamina. I’m thinking of calling it the kanohi Tamashii.

Oh, and Marzek had a tail.

Isn’t this more or less what a Pakari does? More strength = more stamina?

If you want something fighting related … what about something like a mask of resistance? It would be always active and makes the wearer immune to the last type of elemental attack that hit him?

that works for me

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Pretty cool.

It looks pretty good!..but it looks like he has a very skinny neck!

He’s nice. Good use of the foot on the weapon. Also, you used the Tardukt helmet, which I have never seen on a MOC before.

Pretty neat!

The colors really sell it for me; very antidermis-esque. Also, I really like the shaping around the shoulders.

I suppose the only gripes I have are that the legs seem a tad bit minimal, which contrasts pretty heavily with the look of the torso. Perhaps you could make use of those empty pin holes on the rahkshi leg parts?

I really, really like the look of this guy! Nigh on perfect blend of CCBS and G1 parts. All the blue pins are a bit of an eyesore but he looks like he could be a set.

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Neat to see a bodyguard Makuta.