Makuta Halumu

Halumu has a reputation among Makuta. Her “children” mean everything to her and she will gladly fight other brats to the death if it means protecting hers.

Halumu, the Mother Makuta

Gender: Female
Species: Makuta
Kanohi: Kaeri, Great Mask of Attraction
Pieces: 141

Halumu was very skilled at creating life forms and was proud of her craft. Though some would argue that she cared for her “children” more as assets than as individuals, she made it a point to give each one their own identity within her ranks. Unusually for a Makuta, she greatly enjoys creating Matoran and has made more than a few to raise in her own image. Her primary tool is the whip in her left hand, however she often carries the weapon of a fallen Toa to give her children a reminder of their enemy and what they can and must rise above.

Consul R, another Makuta and a “mother” in her own right, has come to greatly respect Halumu and the effort she puts into raising her “family,” to the point of bestowing her the title Consul H; one which Halumu herself denies.



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