Makuta Tagah

Everyone, I present to you one of my favorite creations of my brother: Makuta Tagah!

This is Tagah fighting a dark hunter my brother made. Pretty cool, pretty cool.

I'd like to showcase something Stormjay Rider made for me. A posterized version of Tagah, using his mask of shadows. I appreciate it, Stormjay! :smiley:

So yeah. That was Makuta Tagah! Tell me what you thought of him, and critique my brother's work!
Don't complain about his staff, though. I made that. :stuck_out_tongue:

History: In the core BIONICLE universe, Tagah was a mighty warrior among the Makuta that was loyal to Teridax. He battled many Dark Hunters and grew to be an honor figure in the brotherhood. However, during the Makuta-Barraki war, Tagah was murdered by Pridak when imprisoned, and has since then been viewed as a martyr for the Makuta.

And here is Furtaan.
Mask: Great Avsa, the Mask of Hunger
Assigned Location: Unknown. Very little is known about his past.
Status: Deceased

History: Furtaan was a Makuta that was entirely loyal to Miserix during the beginning days of the brotherhood. He didn't trust Teridax and held high regard to Mata Nui, despite not being appreciated for what he did. So when Teridax proposed his plan, he sided with Miserix, until he saw that him and Miserix were outnumbered. Then he decided to side with Teridax.

Afterwords Furtaan was found murdered on the island of the Keetongu. Some Makuta tried to investigate, but Teridax forcibly stopped the investigation.


Sick torso design! You and your brother should be proud!

Thanks. He based the design off of Darth Vader, so he ended up looking pretty good. And it is customized, with the help of the Inika Torso.

Sadly, his cape ripped, so he does not have that awesome cape anymore. frowning

Sorry to hear that. frowning I hope you acquire another.

Eh, all we need to do is go to the fabric store and pick up some more felt. That was what his original cape was made of.

Well that's good to hear. smile I always wanted to make a cape for a few of my MOCs.

All you really need is scissors and some felt, and you can design your own cape! With Tagah, I just made a square hole around a cape-shaped piece of fabric, and took of his head so I could fit it on. It worked great, but only if I hadn't been so hard on the cape. :/

Cool! You should post this on the MOC advice thread, I'm sure they'll out there that would benefit from knowing this tip.

Ok, as they're both older MOCs that have been disassembled by now, I'll keep it short:

What I most appreciate about them is their G1 look - because I like the G1 look for Bionicle. It just fits them better as biomechanical beings, in my opinion.
The colour scheme of both is good and they seem to have normal articulation (except Furtaan in the shoulders, where the armor is a bit in the way).

Overall, they're nothing special buildwise but fit into the Matoran Universe quite well.

Thanks for participating in the Brotherhood Project!