Mangaians, Matoran of Mangai [Characters][Art][Worldbuilding][Pitch]

The following is NOT canonized by the TTV. Anything listed serves as potential material for the TTV, if they ever want to use any of it. Anything they reject outright (assuming any of them read this) will be labeled Non-Canon.

Additionally, the following characters are from @Gresh113’s Matoran Ideas thread, with all images by @Noupix unless otherwise mentioned. This thread is to help organize the Matoran into their regions, as well as track who would interact with whom.



Jaller: Narmoto’s brother?

Jaller’s Stronghold by @Toa_Vladin

Sarda: Mangaian Elite Guard captain.

Kalama (@Noupix original): Mangaian Elite Guard; wounded in Vako Invasion while protecting three Ihuans.

Vohon (@Noupix original): Mangaian Elite Guard.

Agni (@Toa_Vladin original): Mangaian Elite Guard. Vladin’s partner.
Image pending (Miru)

Vladin (@Toa_Vladin original): Mangaian Elite Guard. Agni’s partner.

Zen (@Toa_Vladin original): Mangaian Elite Guard. Sinna’s brother. Orphan.
Image pending

Sinna (@Toa_Vladin original): Mangaian Elite Guard. Zen’s sister. Orphan.
Image pending (Kaukau)

Furno (Hero Factory): soldier.

Kapura (female): soldier; initially rejected but later accepted by Jaller.

Balta: skilled military engineer/inventor.
Image pending

Takua @UltimateMustacheX: wandering chronicler/cartographer, records the history/geography of the island; well-known.

##Legendary Figures
The First Captain of the Guard (@Toa_Vladin original): legendary soldier from the Kanohi Period. Served under King Vakama. Image by @Toa_Vladin:

Vakama: legendary hero-king from the Kanohi Period. United all Mangaian city-states under one banner after Kalmah was usurped.


it could have used the matoran alphabet

like that
but there isnt really an official G3 alphabet so…


All the images are by @Noupix, so it would be up to him.

Wow. Takua really needs a rework…and soon. Personally, I would swap Balta and Sarda since one of them is alredy a soldier. You could also add Narmoto since he is a matoran of mangai.

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Balta could be a military engineer.

Also, Balta and Sarda seem to be nearly identical (if they were G3’d)

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True. What if I do this…

and I can give balta a better engineer look.
Also, a better version of this
Sorry for all the work😃


You kidding? Thread compiling is therapeutic :laughing:

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much better


I am a noob. Who is Narmoto?

Tahu before being transformed into a Toa.

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So Kivoda is Gali, Vizuna is Lewa, etc?

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That is correct.

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I would really want to see a relationship between Furno and Kapura.

Furno and Kapura both serve under Jaller, so perhaps they serve in the same squad?

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I am planning to make a topic with everything I have in my mind with the Mangaian Army. Just wait.

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Topic updated with Jaller’s Stronghold and new elite guards by @Toa_Vladin.

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Do you buy this matoran at ikea?
it has a weird name like that. you know.

i think Takua should be sand blue, not azure. it would keep the random weird blue color but it would be a little less loud and vibrant.

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