(Monochrome MOC Contest) Yirum [LDD]

This is what happen when you get lazy and got nothing to do to your life for 10 hours.

I usually don’t post a moc topic for a contest that isn’t made by TTV, but im just filling a “gap” for the future.


Dang, I think we have a winner.
Also is that trans yellow?

Orange, im using offical Lego colors.
You can tell with the blue pins and red axles.


even though black axles still exist?

and black pins, i think might be retired, but still do exist.

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I feel like you should’ve used black ones because they do come in the colour officially

Can I ask how you attached the claws to the back feet?

meh, Xing1870 didn’t state any rules on LDD yet so I wanted to balance things out with an eye-sore.

Which one?

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This is a pretty cool MOC. That head design is really interesting and unique.

Something about the torso from the bottom looks a little strange, but the overall design is otherwise solid.

Its big, cool, and awesome. Your probably going to win.

That. That is amazing.

That’s all that needs to be said.

I need to up my game.

tfw all you have done for your moc is a hat.

Oh, man… THIS IS EPIC!!!

One of the best CCBS creatures ever.

If this was a “real” MOC I would be a little concerned about stability, but it seems like you put plenty of friction joints on the legs, so good job for that too (plus as I said it’s LDD, so who cares).

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Yo whats the deal with the other two mocs in the last picture, cos i really dig the one on the right

So, monochrome would refer to shades of one color, grey and orange are different colors.

Their 2 old moc during my comeback to LDD, their suppose to live in the same area.
Left: Bragoris Right: Von Borsus

@Toa_Kasai The render is hard to tell but it’s mostly silver and gunmetal.