Monochrome MOC Contest

In this contest, the goal is to use a MOC using mostly black, white, grey, and silver pieces.


1: Any color can be used, but it’s recommended to use mostly monochrome pieces.

2: MOCs can use technic, bionicle, CCBS, or system pieces, but may not be mainly system.

3: Non-lego parts can be used, but sparingly.

4: LDD is allowed

5. MOCs must not be previously posted on the internet.


MOCs will be judged based on:

1: Color consistency (using minimal color pieces)

2: Construction

3: Personality

I will need volunteer judges that will not participate in the contest.


The top three winners will receive prizes.

1st: A piece of art made, of your choice (within reason).

2nd: A piece of art made, of your MOC in this contest.

3rd: A MOC made, of your choice.

#Contest ends Janruary 25th

If you’d like to participate please ask here.
If you’d like to be a judge, PM me.




I’m in!


I’m also in.


Sign me up!

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U wot m8

But oh well. Good luck to everyone else.

@OmegaTahu Sorry magn, you could still volunteer to be a judge, if you want.

ya I’m in

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Alright. It may be a while before I can get pictures tough. Sign me up.

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Sounds cool, I’d love to participate but I have some work to do over the next few days and then I go on a week long trip. If I do participate, I’ll have to do it last minute towards the end of the month

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Should I include you, just in case?

I’d like to join, is it still open?

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I’m definitely doing this!

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Sounds fun sign me up

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I’ll take give it a whirl. Although, can I submit a MOC that is only two colors, but one of them is orange?

Is there any limit on how many Mocs we can submit for the contest?

done my moc! here is the link:

@darkbrick999 There is no requirement not to use colored bricks, however, you recommend you use it a minimally as possible, as it might lower your score.

Also note that MOCs cannot be previously made.

@Zero Only one MOC per person, though you can change your submission before the deadline.

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Does gold count as monochrome or as a colored brick/peice?


I think I’ll be making an entry.

I shall return in 1-3 days…

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