Mutran, the Tren Krom's Hierophant

So… When Our Bodies Wash Ashore happened quite a far-long time ago, but I only recently point-drew the crossline between lovecraftian theme in Tren Krom and that song, which inspired me to make-write a short story “Birth of the High Priest” and draw-paint this picture of Mutran.

The story is bad-trash, so here’s the basic premise: Mutran couldn’t fight against Tren Krom’s psionic aura and went mad-nuts. The Makuta then start-founded a cult of Tren Krom, forcing the rest of the Brotherhood into it and blood-killing those who wouldn’t comply.

I hear-read to a bit of H.P. Lovecraft’s work before, but my main point of reference was Aviators’ song (which I ever-highly recommend to listen-check if you’re into dark-glum music), hence the reason my Mutran has “let go of [his] eyes” and Tren Krom is mainly just mass of eyes and tentacles. Didn’t make-add water into the paint-work, but I feel it looks ever-nice.


Very nice pixel art, interesting story premise, and someone using the word “Hierophant” in a sentence (technically is a title, but whatever)!

I like this very much, good job Magna. Aviators is a great songwriter, isn’t he?

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Interesting. Does he still have a head?

He does, he just has his eyes covered with a wide cloth