My Bionicle reboot outline

This is my first post on here so hope it is done right. So, after bringing together a lot of my bionicle ideas over the years, picking out what I didn’t like and fine tuning what I did, this is my final full idea for a bionicle series. would love input

The world of the endless ocean contains many islands, populated by biomechanical beings, primarily the matoran. The capital is the massive island city of Metru Nui and from there, two great beings; Mata nui, the spirit of light and Makuta, the spirit of darkness, emerge by the power of the mythical mask of life. Both are formed from the energy of their elements, encased in powerful protodermis armor. They coexist and rule together for a time, though makuta realizes that mata nui is more loved and revered by the matoran than he is. Shunned and jealous, makuta develops a hatred for his brother which explodes into a life or death battle between the two. Empowered by his creation, the mask of shadows, makuta triumphs over mata nui, casting him down.

With the end of mata nui heralding a series of natural disasters, the toa team of metru nui put all of the matoran into a deep slumber to protect them. Makuta confronts them, but having been wounded by mata nui and at risk of losing the battle, offers a bargain. He will rule the island and the toa are free to resist him, but neither he nor the toa will directly confront each other, but he will not directly threaten the matoran either; the toa reluctantly accept. 100 years pass, and the matoran finally awaken to metru nui in ruins and overrun by nature, and their toa protectors aged into frail turaga elders. The Turaga rename the island mata nui in honor of the spirit of light and the tribes migrate away from the darkened city to settle in the wilds of their regions. From the islands center, makuta sends out his corrupted rahi beasts and evil warriors to torment and keep the matoran in a state of fear and control.

This continues for another 900 years until finally the energy of mata nui spirit reawakens. Guiding the rogue matoran takua, he sets in motion the creation of legendary heroes. After his journey and apparent self-sacrifice, the energy of mata nui is released and merges with the elements of the island themselves and births 6 new toa heroes. These toa heroes must discover who they are, their elemental powers, how to work as a team and embrace their destiny in defeating makuta and restoring mata nui.


Nikila-Toa of energy. She has power over lightning, electricity and any form of raw energy. She is the leader of the toa mata, and is the most mature, brave and heroic, with a tendency towards over confidence. Her tools are her lightning swords and she wears the mask of wisdom.

Malum-toa of fire. The largest, strongest and most hot-headed of the group. He is arrogant, prideful and violent but has a surprising kinship with the wild rahi. He tends to clash with Nikilas leadership the most. His tools are his flame claws and he wears the mask of endurance.

Hahli-toa of water. Generally kind and gentle while sometimes shy, she quickly gains self-confidence and is the most intelligent and spiritual of the team. Her tools are a trident and protosteel talons/fins and she wears the mask of translation.

Pohatu-toa of Earth. He was the most focused and unwavering of the toa, though somewhat distant. He is wise and friendly when comfortable, but as fierce and unbreakable as nature when pushed. His tools are his enhancing foot attachments and his ruble shovels and he wears the mask of strength.

Matau-toa of air. The most free-spirited and easy going of the toa, he always went with the flow like his element; A joker and explorer who was only serious when the situation was at its most dire. His tools are his storm-o-rangs, which double as wings and he wears the mask of speed.

Zaria-toa of metal. The most creative and sporadic toa, creating weapons, armor and anything new was his passion. He was the free thinker and craftsman of the team. His tool is his giant meta-hammer and he wears the mask of shaping.

Takua-toa of light. Originally a matoran on mata nui from the lost tribe of light/shadow, he was well known and popular amongst the population. After he was chosen by mata nui, he seemingly perished to summon the toa. He was however transformed into a toa and returned much later but lost his memories in the process. He is ever inquisitive and fascinated by the world around him. His weapon is his sun staff and he wears the mask of light.

Note that these are just the favored looks of these characters that exist and don’t reflect how they would look in this universe(like zaria being a MOC)

Other Characters

Mata Nui-the spirit of light, born from the worlds core along with his brother makuta. He is benevolent and loving but prideful and oblivious. After he is betrayed by a jealous makuta, he is rendered as an incorporeal spirit, who after 1000 years chooses takua as his champion to summon the toa and reawaken him and free the world of darkness.

Matoran-the largest and most numerous race of the world of the endless ocean; they are small but brave spirited, creative and peaceful people. They are separated by the elemental tribes of fire, water, air, earth, energy, and metal on mata nui. Notable matoran are jaller, Nuparu, macku and hewkii.

Turaga(kopaka, Lhikan, gali, lewa, onua, matoro)-the leaders of each of the elemental villages on mata nui. Each is wise and steadfast in their leadership. They were originally toa who stood with mata nui and witnessed his defeat and protected the matoran from makuta for 1000 years, with age having long caught up with them.

Keetongu-an ancient being of nature who watches over all rahi on mata nui and occasionally aids the toa. He is accompanied by the massive Tahtorak beast.

Strakk-a brutal icy warrior who claims mata nui’s frozen peaks as his territory and will fiercely battle any who trespass on it.

Ekimu the mask maker-a wise and ancient turaga who has mastered the crafting of powerful masks. He crafts special new masks for any matoran who prove themselves worthy.

Krakua- a mysterious toa of Sound, he is never quiet or still for too long and was fascinated with all the sounds the world made. He is very fond of music and was akin to a wandering bard on mata nui. He possessed super hearing, could create sonic booms and wore the mask of stealth.

Krika-a warrior of an unknown race, he is a cold but long serving and trusted agent of makuta but his conscience forces him to aid the toa. His armor was altered to make him able to morph into an insectoid form to move freely about the visorak horde.

Umbra-the cold and emotionless yet dedicated eternal guardian of the mask of life. He will only grant access to the relic by being defeated in battle, but refuses to fight matoran. Anyone who proves capable of gaining the mask he swears an oath of loyalty to and protects with his life.

The order of mata nui-a radical militia of warriors of varied races who fight a guerrilla war against makutas forces through any means necessary. They are led by the extremist Helryx, the first ever toa, who is the one who broke the mask of time after using its full power to stop her from aging. She comes into conflict with the more traditional views of the toa.


Makuta-the spirit of darkness and the antithesis to his eternal brother, mata nui. Self-centered, ruthless and power hungry, he will go to any length to achieve greatness in the eyes of the matoran and be seen for the god he knows himself to be. He forged and wears the mask of shadows to which his spirit and power are always connected. He has spent years building an empire though exuding control over many islands.

Roodaka-a part serpentine creature and advisor to makuta. While appearing calm and charismatic, she is in fact cruel, cunning and a deadly warrior. She is completely loyal to and in love with makuta and devoted to achieving his goals and remaining at his side. She often manipulates makutas other agents to fit her designs.

Icarax-the leader of the vampiric phantoka race, he is a fierce and brutal warrior and makutas general. He is arrogant and strongly believes he is better agent of darkness then makuta and his schemes. Though he needs no help at being confrontational, he is often goaded by roodaka.

Sidorak-the oafish but tyrannical king of the industrial island of stelt. He is fiercely loyal to makuta and is always seeking his approval but is often made a fool or manipulated by roodaka.

Nidhiki – an insectoid warrior who act as makutas goon, muscle and enforcer, often menacing the toa in their quests.

Tuyet-a murderous former toa who has allied with makuta and often partnered with nidhiki.

Tridax-an alchemist, mad scientist and inventor, he is the brains behind many workings in makutas network of evil, working closely with sidorak and has considerable brawn to back up his brains.

Nocturn-a hideous aquatic creature, he is loyal to makuta but slowwitted, quick to anger and easy to manipulate or intimidate. He primarily acts as makutas messenger to his other agents.

Rahkshi-the main military force of makuta, they are deadly, fear-inducing armor suits built on stelt and possessed by shadow leeches makuta has summoned from the depths of the abyss. They number at 5000 and are all yellow in color.

Akmou-toa of shadow. A fellow matoran of the light/shadow tribe; a self-interested and shifty individual, he believes takua is responsible for all his problems rather than his own misdeeds. Though he has been an agent of makuta on mata nui for many years, after becoming a toa, he is unsure of his loyalty to darkness, wanting only to prove his superiority over takua.

Tuma-a battle hardened skrall warlord from bara magna, he leads his fearsome race in their attempts to conquer their homeland with makutas aid and provide theirs when he needs it. His loyalty lies solely on his people, keeping him skeptical of if the alliance is in their best interest.

Umarak the dark hunter-a relentless and ancient hunter and mercenary who peruses many bounties and prey and periodically works for makuta

Bahrag-the monstrous queen of the isle of the insectoids. She maintains a loose alliance with makuta with the promise that his rule will grant them passage to infest other islands.

Barraki(the Drowned)-a trio of aquatic warlords who menace a group of sub-aquatic matoran and reluctantly aid makuta in the construction of his titan form.

Obviously there are many similarities to g1, but there are many intended differences as well.

-the change to the toa mata members and element line up

-like the glatortian, the toa will have armor that will represent or be based on their elements

-a mask with a similar ability doesn’t exactly mean the mask matches the look of its G1 counterpart

-Makutas bond to the mask of shadows would be similar to that of sauron and the one ring, though not so monumental

-there have been other toa, but this special group are the first with elemental powers

-like g2, matoran are uniform in design and masks beside element colors and rare mask exceptions

-there would not be multiple future toa teams, only a few special cases

-Romance would be canon, but not a large focus; macku and hewkii mostly with a few possible other cases(but not the main toa team)

Story Arks

1 With shadow creatures and rahi controlled by makuta having menaced the matoran for 1000 years, mata nui reaches out to the wandering matoran takua. Guided, takua sets off on an odyssey across the island to find the fragmented key to the kini nui temple. He has many adventures, aiding each of the matoran tribes and avoiding makutas threats. He finally unlocks the temple, releasing the power and summoning the toa, though apparently at the cost of his life.
2.The newly born toa, who must discover who they are, defend the matoran, and learn how to work as a team, and finally fend off makutas horde of wild rahi. Finally they travel into a sacred temple and do battle with makuta himself, triumphing.
3. The toa set out to find the mask of time, and must race against umarak, the dark hunter, to find it. They use its power to view the past to see the beginning of the brothers war and how the island became what it is. The island is then attacked on two fronts: a bridge of web allows swarms of insectoids from another island to attack while makuta summons undead skull warriors from beneath the earth.
4. Makuta, still weak, sets his rahkshi hoard loose to menace the island. The toa travel through the ruins of metru nui, which still stands at the islands center. They face many threats lurking in it as they make their way to makutas lair to confront him. They learn that makuta seeks the mask of life to regain his former strength and that it can revive mata nui as well. As the toa cannot defeat makuta, takua returns, transformed into a toa of light by mata nui, who defeats makuta, almost killing him.
5. Takua is left to guard the island and matoran while the toa sail to Voya Nui, but are trapped in the underwater realm of the barraki. When free, they make it to voya nui and must fight both makutas allies and Umbra, the mask’s guardian. After winning and receiving the mask, they return to mata nui to use it but makuta intervenes. Mata nui is nearly revived but the mask of life is shattered, the force of which destroys both spirits and scatters the fragments of the mask across the world. Makutas mask survives and he flees and has a new armor built for him.
6. With mata nuis spirit lost and only able to be restored by the mask of life, the 7 toa must search the numerous islands, leaving umbra to guard mata nui. They set sail and split up, each with a beast mount and new adaptive armor, to explore their separate islands to retrieve the mask fragments while battling makuta or other enemy forces on each one. After their separate adventures, each toa finds a fragment, which becomes a golden mask for them. Malum is seriously injured and in the fear that he may die, transfers some of his power to his matoran companion, jallar, who becomes a toa. In this time, makuta begins to realize his grand designs, while also dealing with a coup by his general icarax and also kills umbra.
7. The toa reunite and make their way to Karda Nui to reform the mask of life and revive mata nui, fighting past makuta and his minions, who steal Jallers’ mask fragment. The toa use the fragments they have and mata nui is revived, but only as a mortal toa, since the mask was incomplete and the toa had absorbed some of its power while using the fragments. Malum is healed and Krika, a former servant of makuta, betrays him and aids the toa.
8. The toa sail for a secluded island fortress of makuta on Krikas guidance but before they arrive, the island is shattered by a giant robot body that has risen from beneath the sea. Krika says its construction was makutas grand plan. Makuta has used his mask piece to fuse his spirit to the body and has trapped all the matoran within it. As makuta rules the matoran within his body, he decimates the other islands one by one. After witnessing the doomed last stand of the order of mata nui, the toa make their way to the ruined mata nui to find a way to enter the robot. On their way, the toa a briefly drawn into the mythical red star, where the spirits of the dead go, and both the toa and mata nui find revelations there. They also pass through the demonic netherworld, ruled by the insane Karzahni.
9. On mata nui, where makuta now stands guard, they are confronted by an army of enemy forces. They are joined by the allies they have made on their journeys and a massive war erupts. Krika shows the toa the way to enter the robot before returning to aid in the fight. The toa manage to enter makutas body, who is distracted watching the war. They fight their way through rahkshi, body defenses and a mutated and empowered roodaka. Takua is forced to return a large portion of his light energy to mata nui, who sends the toa away to ensure the safety of the matoran. The toa lead the matoran out and rally them to battle, turning the tide of the war. Mata nui reaches the core, where makuta reconstitutes his normal form and they battle. Makuta is the stronger but mata nui is able to recover the final mask piece and is restored to his full form. They are to evenly matched, so mata nui fuses the two of them together, killing both but creating a new spirit of light and darkness, who possesses the titan. With his power he restores mata nui and creates bridges connecting all the other now restored islands. Presenting the toa with the mask of destiny, a fusion of the masks of life and shadow, the new god vanishes into the stars. All the beings come together and begin rebuilding mata nui into a new city paradise.

here also is my map of the new layout of the island of mata nui

1-Metru nui: the once great city of the matoran. It was a bustling metropolis watched over by the great spirits before makutas betrayal. Now it is a ruined and forbidden place, ruled by makutas darkness. It is surrounded and protected by the black mountains, which erupted and spread across the island like cracks in glass when mata nui was felled.

2-Strakk’s peaks: the highest spot on the island. These frozen-over mountain tops are claimed by the territorial ice warrior, who challenges any intruders. They also happen to hold one of the most ancient and sacred archives from the matoran’s old civilization.

3-The region of water: wetlands, marshes, beaches, reefs, streams and waterfalls stretch across this fertile and harmonious environment.

4-The region of energy: this unstable, mountainous landscape is dominated by endless lightning storms and ever shifting land masses. Krakua, the wandering toa of sound, also frequents this region for its acoustics.

5-The region of air: a vast, lush jungle of massive, mile high trees. Its floor is littered with swamps, grassy clearings and peaceful glens.

6-The region of earth: expanses of dry desert dominate the region, broken up by lively fields, rolling grassy hills and massive plateaus.

7-The region of fire: ashy rock valleys, endless rivers of lava, jagged peaks over deep canyons and many massive volcanos make up this desolate landscape.

8-The region of metal: this dark, jagged, unstable landscape of black rock and crystals house many minerals and fine or rare elements waiting to be mined and molded or crafted by its native matoran.

9-Ekimu’s forge: this ancient temple, sitting at the center of where three regions meet, is where the mysterious turaga has mastered the art of forging powerful masks for the worthy.

so that’s about it. thanks and again, feedback appreciated :slight_smile:


Hmmm interesting design choices. Why’d you get rid of ice?

it felt redundant when also having water, they are just different states of the same element. much like ditching stone because of already having earth. i just thought a better rounded elements group would be a nice change.

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I feel like water and ice are different enough that they can be separate elements, but they are definitely similar enough that you can make them the same as done here. I wouldn’t compare it to stone/earth, as those are pretty much the same element.

Anyways, these are some intriguing ideas.


Less redundant than having Toa of stone and earth as separate things. I always thought it was dumb.

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This was really, really good!

To be perfectly honest, I’ve had ideas for alternate Bionicle stories in my head for a while too. This one satisfies a lot of the same ideas I would have liked to see, particularly keeping everything within the same world (making Bara Magna and other islands all on one planet), and it has a really great fantasy element to it while also being pretty sci-fi.

I like the twist at the end with Makuta’s ultimate plan echoing the twist in G1, and it feels deserved here. I think all in all, there are really good matchings of ideas here both from G1 and G2 and finding places to put some straggling elements (Strakk basically being the Yeti of Mata-Nui is amazing).

I’m not particularly fond of changing up the Toa elements and lineup just because I’m very partial to the Mata, and the Bionicle elements, while weird, are unique to it. That being said, the personalities and relationships you gave to each of your Toa are fitting of their characters, their roles in this story, and are very appealing.

In all, well done! This is great!


though i did change the toa mata team, I would never forget the OGs. as seen above, some act as turaga so flashbacks would have shown them in action as toa, and the others would have been featured as characters on the other islands :slight_smile: