My latest "creations" for an universe i am making

Well, hello guys, i just want to post some of my renders of some of my system based lego sets, which have a story behind them. I dont know how to explain them, but i will try to roughly explain them.

So, lets go and talk about mocs and their back story. (sorry if my english isnt the best, i am from slovakia with dyslexia, so dont be nitpicky about certain things)

The Scarlet ground tracker and ash mountain basic outpost

This “small set” is made out of a medium sized vehicle and small outpost, with a guard and defence tower added in.
This vehicle is a common “half military” vehicle of the “volcan born” race (the race itself calls volcan borns, but we just gonna call them arch dragons). The main use of this vehicle is to carry people around the more rough terrain during the summer seasons on the continent, mainly in the mountains or volcanic grounds. The claws infront of the tank threads meant to be both dirt cleaners and bumpers. Plus, because of the races fascination of large dragons, act like decorative claws, toothe head is mostly a heavily decorated motor. The use of the hook “tail” on the end of the vehicle is for dragging or pulling objects around, or transport certain cargo. The arch dragons love multiuseable vehicles and tools, same with weapons.

The outpost is meant to be localized in a more colder and ash filled area, somewhere in the north west of the nation. The race mainly “reinforces” natural defences in certain parts of the area, like building walls between hills or filling up cliffs with draw bridges. The turret on top of the watch tower is meant to be more a scare off weapon, but still can hit you hard, the bullets of this turret are super heated, 15 cm long and 5 cm thick rivet nails, which both burn and pierce armor of anyone who wants to trasspass or attack this place.
The reason of the outpost, looking a bit scrappy, is because to be less noticeable, a pure dark red building could be easily noticed in a mountaineous place, but still want to seem like not fooling friendly travelers or allies in wars.

The kobold worker exo suit.

This marvel of tech and a bit of madness, is mainly used in factories, smelteries or mines in the main continent or “claw islands” of the Arch Dragon Democratic Empire (or ADDE for short). This stubby looking small mech is mainly specialized to transport material or heavy products (like car frames or crates full of metal objects), mining largescale mines or just destroy your enemies face if somebody wanna rain your factory. This mech might look primitive, but actually has quite good articulation and doesnt get easily destroyed. The arms are modular, but this model uses the claw and drill modules, there are other, for example: Saw blade (both circular and saw toothed sword),
Flamethrower (for heating up metal, or just make a sweet bbq out of your enemies),
Slag eater and spitter (a dual arm module, which both cleans of slaf off freshly melted metal, and shoots out of the window, or on some enemy vehicle to get stuck in)
and the rest would be too much talking. The “tail” on this exo suit is actually a decorated electrictiy and lava plug (they use lava as like a power source and both passive electricity generator) The Arch dragons love to make everything they make moving esque, dragon like or just seem like having dragon features.

and the last of my todays models of one of my “tabulas world races”: The drake ash skipper.

Your everymans winter bike, if you want quickly get something done or visit somebody for a short time. Basically, this is the Arch dragons take on a motirozed bike, which mainly works best during the winter seasons, (i too gonna make a warm season one, but in an other time). This beuty of machinery and design mainly takes some ideas of on tabula landed (YES LANDED) human snowbikes, and reverse engineered one themself. This one is more made for rought winter terrain, like post avalanche moutains or ash filled plateus, this can be too used on large plains, but the ride isnt very, “blazing” in they eyes (blazing is a arch dragon term of like, blood pumping or adreraline rushing). The chain and hook back on the bike is meant to be used to pull something, like a fallen log of wood, or a stuck thing in bud or sludge. But can be used other ways, but i wont tell.

So that might be all for today guys, and please leave some comments and some constructive criticism, i dont want some wars here. Well, sorry for the wall of text, i am a long sentence writer, sorry.


The vehicle reminds me of a Ninjago set.


I am intruiged to see the rest of this universe


While I usually don’t like vehicle sets, I quite enjoy these unique-looking set designs! They definitely look very LEGO-like to me.

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very thanks zero, i will make more “set” like builds for my universe, one extra to say: This is still in very early WIP, so there will be some contradictions and a bit scrappy storytelling.

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I’m impressed, keep it up!

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Thanks for all your compliments and such, so now i will post some new “sets” for other races of Tabula, lets go:

Pebble crawler

The forest bound (or scourge bugs) main way of transporting single people and still having a blast and rush of adreraline. This small quad like vehicle is made to be both useful in the forest and wood filled places of they homes and pure plains near they forest cities, it has too inplemented a “walker” quirk, which makes it possible to WALK trought very scrappy terrain, like going trought a ruined forest or very rough stone terrain. Its more rudimentary walking, but still useful in they main terrain. The hook in the back is meant to just attach to lorries or hook up chains to drag something.

Fortress spider walker

This marvel of scourge bug wittyness and a bit of natural quirkyness, made this vehicle possible. Basically, this is a gianormous walker, which can hold around 10 people inside it, with plus added in cargo in the abdomen and inners of the thorax. It can both drive like a tachikoma out of ghost in the shell and walk like a proper insect, with a bit rust being heard in the background. The head is meant to be both a deco and small “internal drone” to inspect objects from inside the vehicle, but its a bit clunky to controll. This vehicle main use is mostly just heavy weight personal transport of personal van to camp inside it, if you like cooking your food outside.

The high woods trade outpost and the smale scale: Beetle crawler

This is a bit larger set, so i split it up into two:
The beetle crawler is a more down to earth vehicle, with no walker function, and its actually meant to be more simple. This vehicle main use is transporting medium to small amounts of cargo around the place, not the greatness but still nice to have around. Its recommented to use on plains or grasslands around the forest cities of the UHC (United Hives of Craka) nation and continent.

The high woods trading outpost, its quite self explanatory, but i explain it further:
This small snippet of the walled outpost of the UHC is just one of many outpost, to controll outgoing and ingoing travel between several nations, lesser “races” and other factions. The spikes are for intruders getting scared off and the musket hives are for outlaws getting hit by or not just by sleeping darts or proper bullets if he had something worse then petty crimes. The radio tower is for just getting messages around, from the goverment or just family or friends if the higher ups allow it. The dropgate is meant seem more like a dangerous place, but most trading outposts are mostly employed by normal people which want to have some order between the borders. The two watchtowers are self explanatory.

So that might be everything for today guys, leave some critique under it and please comment properly.


(i hope this wont end up in the moc spotlight, or i will die form embarrasment)


These are awesome, can’t wait to see the rest of them.


Really ? Ehm, thanks ?


What’s with the question marks?

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Just being a bit worried, like you just jokingly said so, or that i dont think my creation doesnt look so good as they get apreciated.


Interesting. I like these!

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These all look really cool, I love it when people make MOCs based off their own theme. It adds a nice little base for worldbuilding!


Hello guys, ehh, i am still working on my creations, just need some more time to finish those, but luckily made some which might will be likeable. I am really sorry for your long wait for new ones, skool is grinding my free time away. so, lets start with them:

The young wyrm “mini yacht” and newt small boat, used as an one person fishing boat.

Lets start with the newt boat. This small boat main use is in quick tours between calm water islands or places. This small but sturdy boat can maximal carry 5 people, with one of them being the driver in the back, with the stick. The main control form of this boat is to swing the stick left to right, to hinge the proppeller behind it. It has hinged controlls so dont worry to crack this thing accindently. This version of this has a simple fishing pole and a crate prepared for some catches.

Next is the young wyrm “mini yacht”, which is kinda self explanatory. This small boat was made for more advenuring and holyday purposes, then pure transportation. It isnt the largest or best looking ship, but still does its job good and cheaply. Its furniture insider are just an oven, stove and mini fridge, and as an inviting gift, simple bed sheet, rug and a pillow to sleep inside the cockpit, that thing in the front, but luckily those guys here both sleep and drive in the cockpit, so dont worry that they will freeze inside. The motor inside the ship is too the heater for the entire thing. The side bar on the left of this ship is more balance and storage, its mostly just used for food and rations.

Lets go to my last creation today: Wyvern small cargo vtol craft.(with slight leg and landing pad damage)

The small wyvern vtol craft is one of many flying crafts in the Arch dragon industry and mainly is advertised to be basically the every dragons small flying car. The flight in this one might be a bit clunky, but if you get the controlls, flies like a helicopter. The fins on the side arent for deco, but are for steering mid flight and the tail fins are for vtol steering. The cockpit might look crammed, but better have a good flier then a flying cardboard box with tubines attached to each side. The half landing pads, half cargo holders were made to simulate avian feet controll and made this small flier perfect for small cargo transports and even sometimes people. The face is meant to be both a flood light shower and brand of the arch dragon quirk.

This might be all for today guys, good night and leave a comment at the bottom. Too for some nice criticizem.


These look pretty nice as well!

Just a few criticisms: The cockpit of the large boat looks a little odd with the slopes leading up to the rear section. The small boat seems a little unfinished and could use some more stuff to it. Maybe make one side a cockpit and the other can be used for cargo? I dunno.

The Wyvern VTOL craft looks really cool to me; keep up the good work!

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Well, the small boat is meant to look a bit unfinished, to let the customer customize it a bit and yeah the cockpit looks a bit odd, gonna try other ones next time, thanks for your critique.

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These MOCs and their backstories remind me quite a bit of the under-appreciated Legends of Chima line that LEGO did from 2013 to 2015, but with a target audience that’s more AFOL than young children to early teenagers considering the tendency toward bricks instead of beams and pins. (Not that that’s a bad thing; TECHNIC-based play functions can sometimes detract from the appearance of the MOC, leading to gappy construction.)

Well done, and I look forward to seeing more of this world as it develops. Of the nations revealed so far, I’d want to be a scourge bug in the United Hives of Craka. :wink: The forest is a nice place to be, don’t you think?

Well, if you like having four arms, a thorax stuck to your butt and being 10 meters from the ground. Their cities are on top or inside tree top forests, basically, treehouses everywhere. You rarely see any building on the ground in the scourge bug “hives” (its a scourge bug version of “town” or “city”) And their building style is a bit messy, you will need to climb ladders, walk down and up stairs to just buy groceries in those cities. And get used to the smell of tree sap, its they version of glue.

Sounds like my kind of life and place…okay, not really… What else have you got?