My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic

I used to watch and then fell out of it, and in trying to get back into it. Is the newest season any good?

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Extremely. Though, if I were you, I'd start at season 4. That's when there's a major tone shift.

I saw season 4, I think the last episode I saw was the first one with Cadence and Shinig Armor's baby.

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That's the start of 6, the current season.

Alright then, good to know I'm not to far behind.

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Happy to help. :slight_smile:

I cant deal with something like that i need a constant villain

Yeah alot of the humor didn't really hit me. Although when it did it was enjoyable

At least no one can complain i didnt give it a shot


At least he's not like those clone trooper people.

Someone made this chalk drawing near my school, and I thought it was pretty good.


About 3 years ago, I watched the first episode, and didn't find it too my liking, and moved on.

Recently however, I began to think more about it. This is a show with such a large fanbase outside of it's target demographic. There has to be a reason for that. Right?

Earlier tonight I began watching the series. I have only watched the first two episodes of the first season, and so far my reactions are mixed. There are things that I can acknowledge now, that I didn't when I first watched the series, things so ridiculously silly, and things I do not like.

I can definitely appreciate some of the moral lesson stuff a lot more than past Lobster could.

Naming a place Ponyville is like calling somewhere Human Town, and Canterlot is the equivalent of calling your city Walksabunch. I understand why they are called, what with the appealing to small children and such, but it is silly.

The things I don't like are nice and simple, they are named Rarity and Pinkiepie. These two annoy me. I don't like being annoyed.

The story was also very interesting. It might've just been the way it opened with the telling of a legend putting me in that mindset, but between those two episodes I was getting very heavy Bionicle G2 vibes. The whole siblings, and one growing to resent the other. The special power thing, and one character figuring it all out. It's probably nothing, but it made me think.

That is pretty much all I have to say, for now...


It is a widely held opinion that the pilot has two of the weakest episodes out of the entire series (if not THE weakest). I found that the quality rose over time. S2 is when I feel like this show really began to hit its stride.

Outside of Ponyville, pretty much every city is a pun on a real location. Manehattan, Whinneapolis, Trottingham, Las Pegasus, and the list goes on.

I hear you there. I disliked both intensely for quite some time. I don't know if my opinion changed or they just started writing the characters better, but I actually enjoy them now, at least to some extent. Pinkie definitely has her moments.

The writing gets much better as time goes on. A stronger sense of a continuity and season-long arcs begins to emerge, characters get more depth, and some episodes get darker (well, as dark as you can get with a show about flying, magical, technicolor ponies).

But, yeah, in any case, it's a very polarizing show. I don't know anybody who doesn't either love it or hate it (people who don't watch it because of their indifference and lack of interest don't count).


Dude, Rarity and Pinkie were probably my least favorites when I first got into the show. One's a hardcore feminine stereotype, and the other's an always-happy super-extrovert with a random streak. I appreciate them a bit more now, but they're far from being my favorites.

I'll echo Takuma in saying that the first two episodes are objectively among the worst, but they are necessary for setting up the world and the characters.

If you feel like watching more, go ahead. If you can't stomach it, I won't blame you. I watched the first season in bunches of two or three episodes a piece, and then proceeded to binge all of seasons two and three in one day. (Everything else I watched as it was released)

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I didn't find the episodes particularly bad, generic sure, but not "bad". However being the only two I have seen, and my general low standards, this might not hold much weight. It also

This doesn't surprise me at all. Lots of shows take some time to figure out what works, and what they want to be.

This is interesting. I have mixed feelings about puns and wordplay, so this will be interesting.

Too me, Pinkie pie is intensely annoying. So loud, and happy. Her voice is grating, and her speech patterns annoy me (Probably more than is justified).

As for Rarity, I am a little less sure. Her voice isn't my favourite, but I think It might be more about the way she is presented. Giving up her tail was nice, but nobody likes a pretentious pony person thing.

I do enjoy a good arc, and characters with actual personalities are always good. I look forward to that.

This is intriguing. Based on what I've seen, I can't really see this. It is just so bright and colourful, with Friendship and Magic in the title.

I very much intend to watch all 5 seasons available on Netflix. For science.


I wish the real world was like my little pony and there was two big problems once a year and they would get solved in a few day and every one was nice and had the magic of friendship to protect us and blah blah blah. I watch the show seen every episode.

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Yo but then we would have no hands.


See: fan interpretation of Lyra and her magic (depends on fan iteration)

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What does Galen Erso's wife have to do with MLP? Anyway, that's just one character with hands. We wouldn't be blessed with the same fate, so RIP


That's Flutershy. Don't deny it.


What set is this from.

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Probably an Elves set? That's the only female-targeted LEGO line that I can think of that would have a yellow pegasus, cuz Belville sure as heck won't.